How to Get Event Sponsors (And Keep Them)

Event sponsors are often the difference between making revenue and breaking even. But the landscape is changing. Traditional sponsor packages aren’t efficient or intuitive enough to build long-term relationships with high-dollar event sponsors.

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Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside.

1. Three New Ways to Engage Your Event Sponsors

The relationship you have with your event sponsors and exhibitors is changing. With the now-indispensable mobile apps that help your attendees explore the event, you can deliver compelling, measurable benefits for your sponsors.

how to engage event sponsors

But you need their help. Helping sponsors understand that they need to engage with attendees, and making it easy, is the key to a warm planner/sponsor relationship.

You’ll learn:

  • Use digital data when selling to event sponsors
  • Hold your event sponsors accountable (they’re OK with it!)
  • Tap into human motivation with in-app gamification, and watch your sponsors connect with attendees. (Want more on this? We wrote a whole article on event app games and how to make them effective.)
  • Share real-time feedback data so event sponsors can optimize during the event
  • Get the most out of digital banner ads

You want to build strong relationships with your sponsors. Promoting attendee-sponsor interaction is the key.

2. The New Event Sponsor Packages

Shake up conventional package ideas with these 4 modern offerings that combine digital, analog and… fun!

package ideas for event sponsors

Customization leads to a memorable experience.

The Audience Interaction Package

Learn to promote activity and excitement between sessions with an action package. A QR code scavenger hunt and a sponsored challenge will get their blood pumping!

The “Way to the Heart is Through the Belly” Package

The one with the beer usually has the most friends. Learn to combine social interaction with free goodies to get attendees to share the event sponsor love!

The Ever-Desirable Bling Package

The Bling Package pops with a carefully cultivated combination of branding touchpoints. Your event sponsors will love the attention to detail and their ubiquitous message.

The Technophile Package

This package will tickle a tech-savvy crowd. Clickable mobile banner ads give your event sponsors valuable data, and interactive walls entertain and inform. When attendees’ brains (and devices) are dead, wow them with a sponsored charging valet.

Coming back event after event with creative event sponsor packages that facilitate interaction and conversation… that’s how you build lifetime relationships.

3. Ten Ways to Sell In-App Sponsorships

Let’s get down to business. You want to generate revenue with your mobile event app.

sell banner ads to event sponsors

Mobile sponsor ads are dynamic, measurable, and easily editable for last-minute strategy tweaks.

Learn the best practices and specs for sponsor banner ads, customized event app branding, sponsored event sessions, featured listings, games and more.

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