Fellowship of the Event Marketing Ring

Sometimes putting together an event team can feel tantamount to assembling a group to march to Mount Doom and destroy the embodiment of evil once and for all. Hence our decision to present the Ultimate Events Team as the members of The Fellowship of the Ring (only meant for very serious business professionals, of course).

Are you a Gandalf or a Frodo? Either way, Middle-earth won’t be safe without you! For more on event planning – and everything you’d ever want to know about it – download Guidebook’s Professional Event Planning Guide.


Project Manager – Gandalf

The consummate leader of the team, Gandalf has a larger plan. He possesses the wisdom to devise strategies and make driving decisions. He also knows when to take a Balrog for the team. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”


Communications – Sam

Samwise Gamgee is always prepared with supplies and ready to foster cooperation. He’s also the picture of loyalty and can mitigate distractions (as Gollum found out when he called him a “fat hobbit”).


Scheduling – Pippin

Pippin’s not one to let time slide by – especially when it comes to Second Breakfast. His timing was impeccable when he saved Faramir from Denethor’s pyre at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


Marketing – Merry

Merry is always ready to please with a song and his friendly, welcoming personality. And just like any marketer worth their weight, Merry can deliver that critical marketing blow at exactly the right time – just ask the Witch King of Angmar.


Creative Design – Legolas

Elves are known for their craftsmanship and artistic attention to detail. Legolas’ keen eyes and nimble reflexes save the Fellowship on more than one occasion. (Plus he’s awesome with a bow – which is just plain cool.)


Registration – Gimli

Stalwart and reliable, no one will make it in who isn’t supposed to be there. Dwarves are known to be industrious – which you’ll need when setting up your registration processes.


Sponsorships – Boromir

A representative of the race of men and the people of Gondor, Boromir has to be a strong negotiator. He reaches out as a relationship builder on the behalf of Denethor to save his home from the eventual wrath of Sauron.


Promotions – Aragorn

Quick both mentally and physically, Aragorn can balance a lot coming at him all at once (whether it be arrows, orcs or giveaway swag). And let’s face it – a guy who can summon an Army of the Dead can do anything.


Venue/Show Floor – Frodo

Frodo is the face of the group and chosen to bear the One Ring. His success or failure makes or breaks the whole journey! Now if only you had a magic ring to make you disappear when the venue screws up…


For more event planning knowledge, download Guidebook’s Professional Event Planning Guide.

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