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jordan-event-planning-career-fairHi there! It’s Jordan – one of your friendly Guidebook career counselors for the week. Here at Guidebook’s Event Planning Career Fair Week, we’re all about giving you real resources in order to help you be better at your job – or even get you a better one! Today I’ve packaged up some of our best career-boosting materials to date into an easy-to-digest eBook that’s a one-stop shop for giving your career the kickstart it needs.


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Growing an event planning career is a pretty subjective task. There are lots of ways to beef your résumé and gain new skills – and every little bit counts. But where should you focus your energy? And where is the industry expecting you to develop?

We’ve covered two of the most important growth areas in our eBook. In Chapter 1, you’ll learn what skills are most sought after by employers looking to hire event planners. In Chapter 2, you’ll learn all about making the career-defining leap to getting an event planning certification.

Know your skills

Just what does it take to get a job in event planning these days? What are employers looking for? Knowing the basics will help you craft a killer résumé that will start getting you noticed in no time.

We looked at hundreds (yes, hundreds) of event planning job descriptions and distilled the similarities into one super job description. Focus on these skills and you’ll be competing with the best of the best.

event planning career ebook negotiating

We walk through all the top job requirements like experience, negotiating and multi-tasking to make sure that you’re either on the track to locking that experience down – or correctly framing your current experiences. Don’t pay some expensive career coach! We’ve got you covered (for free).

Take next step

What happens if you’re looking to take your career to the next level? There are a lot of event planners thinking about making the leap to becoming certified. These days there are over 10,000 certified meeting professionals in 46 countries around the world. Certification can provide you with instant credibility and give you access to a whole different tier of jobs.

event planning career ebook tools

We talked to a real-life Certified Meeting Professional to get the scoop on just what it takes to become a CMP. It’s a step that many event planners are hoping to take – but they’re often bogged down by the complicated, time-consuming process.

We’ve outlined the steps and demystified all the scary bits like filling out the application and taking the actual test. We also give actionable advice on how to make all those things easier and prepare to the best of your ability!

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You can learn all this great stuff today! All you have to do is download the eBook and you’ll be on your way toward making leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Get the eBook

Stay tuned this week for more great event planning career discussion. We’re inspired by awesome individuals like yourself to help people advance and reach their ultimate planner potential. And be sure to add your name to our blog subscriber list before February 6, 2105 for a chance to win $360 towards a year’s worth of LinkedIn Premium!

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