Meet the Award-Winning Guidebook Customer Service Team

We hold each Customer Success Associate accountable to goals identified by our customers. One in six people who work at Guidebook are part of this team. This is why we’re such a customer-centric company! The team has managed to effectively bring our customers into our workplace–it’s been amazing to see.

-Jeff Lewis, CEO, Guidebook

The 8-member award-winning Guidebook customer service team offers support to all users–the 22,000 who have signed up to build mobile guides and the millions using our Guidebook app.

The team’s average first-response time is 20 minutes during business hours, and they work to flexibly expand their service when needed to help support our Guidebook offices on the US East Coast, in the UK, and in Korea (in addition to our two Bay Area locations).

We’ve invested a lot in the Guidebook customer service team, and they are central to our business model. We believe in hiring the right people (passionate, creative and happy) and giving them the tools to help their customers.

Guidebook leadership has committed to scaling the team ahead of demand, allowing team members the bandwidth to dedicate themselves to customers. When there’s downtime, each team member works on side projects that benefit market exploration, customer education, marketing support and more.

Let’s meet the team!

Guidebook Customer SuccessJacob Wittenberg
Manager, Customer Success Team

Jacob is the Manager of the Customer Success team. A Minnesota native, his brutal winter experience allows him to bring warmth and light to even the darkest and coldest of client troubles. He enjoys making music (he’s released a few CDs) and playing sports; he loves working at Guidebook because of the incredible team chemistry and the opportunity to leverage tech in ways that will truly improve every day life.

Jacob immediately published the guide which allowed me to immediately begin testing. I LOVE THE ENTIRE GUIDEBOOK TEAM!

Christian is on the Customer Service teamChristian Stump
Customer Success Associate

A lover of burritos and his beautiful girlfriend, Christian became a Customer Success Associate in June of 2013. Since day one, he’s taken a great deal of pride in supporting Guidebook’s amazing users and clients. Putting a smile on their face is his top priority and, Christian says, being on a team that cares as much about user satisfaction as he does is truly amazing.

I wish there was a “badass, awesome, super responsive, really informed” button I could press for Christian. He was so helpful and patient with all of my questions – really appreciate all that he did to make our app get off the ground!

Isabel, from Guidebook Customer ServiceIsabel Yap
Customer Success Associate

Isabel is from Quezon City, Philippines, and often plays the “foreigner card” when Guidebook humor goes over her head. She loves working for Guidebook because there’s free froyo on Thursdays. Also, she strongly believes in the product and its amazing potential, and the people are lots of fun. She works mainly with schools and looks forward to Guidebook EDU taking over all campuses. She is passionate about words and fan culture and in her not-so-secret life she writes fiction and poetry.

Isabel Yap is amazing!!!! By far my best customer service experience of my entire career. She is a keeper. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced someone so helpful and competent as you in all my working years (and there have been a lot of them!). We definitely want to use Guidebook next year.

Mario, from Guidebook Customer ServiceJulian Spindell
Customer Success Associate

Although Julian’s previous work experience involved competing in kart racing, golf, and tennis with his nemesis Mario, now he works at Guidebook–and he’s happy to be here.

Julian loves that he gets to help clients see their goal from start to finish rather than only providing one-off support. In addition, the environment can’t be beat: bi-weekly game nights with catered food, company ski-trips, and offices in both Palo Alto and San Francisco. (Guidebook also allowed Julian use a photo of him dressed up as a video-game character on their website, which [he claims] is not something he has done in a professional environment before.)

I received excellent guest service and Julian Spindell was very personable and made sure I was helped to the best of his ability. I give him a five star in guest service!

guidebook customer service manager Lauren Kennedy

Lauren Kennedy
Enterprise Account Manager

As a Palo Alto native Lauren gew up surrounded by technology. She then went to school all the way in rural Virginia…less technology. She has a passion for the fast paced changes that mobile apps are making in the world, but still loves lazy weekends and southern cooking (so if you have any recipes feel free to share).  Lauren can sum up her favorite thing about Guidebook in one word: community. Working with Enterprise clients she gets to build relationships, and has shared many a recipe with clients.

[Bleep], you’re good.

Lily is a Guidebook Customer Success AssociateLily Guy
Customer Success Associate

Culinary crazed, dog obsessed, literature nerd, weird but nice, born on the west coast but raised on the east coast, her heart stays in the countries she’s visited and yearns for the ones yet discovered.

Some of the reasons Lily loves working on the Guidebook team include: guidefriends, super awesome guideclients, guidesnacks, guiderooftopaccess, guidechats, guidegamenights……But really, she couldn’t have asked for a more appreciative, kind, and welcoming team to work with, an amazing product to support, and an unbelievable company to work for (slash represent in the Silicon Valley Sports League).

I can already tell that Lily rocks!

Nolan's on the Customer Service team at GuidebookNolan Wilson
Customer Success Associate

The two things that Nolan loves the most about working on the Guidebook team are the diversity of the team and the knowledge that the team shares. Not only does he learn a lot each day at work, but the range of information is everything from new technical skills to information on great TV shows he should be watching. Nolan feels lucky–it’s always a pleasure and a surprise each day.

Excellent support. Started with basic suggestions that I had already tried, but quickly focussed on the specific problem, and came up with a solution.

Peter, customer service at GuidebookPeter Whitley
Customer Success Associate

Like all native Palo Altoians, Peter loves Prolific Oven chocolate mocha cake. After a brief stint in LA to attend Occidental College, Peter promptly moved to the (relatively) smog free climate in Mountain View.

Peter loves working at Guidebook because of the awesome team and board game nights. He loves helping clients and constantly looks for more efficient ways to create guides.

The support that I have received from Peter has been great!

Shannon's on the Guidebook customer service teamShannon Mulloy
Customer Success Associate

Shannon “The Deadline Crusher” Mulloy is an enigma wrapped inside of an enigma wrapped inside of an enigma. Hailing from the Sunshine State, she ventured cross country with her dog and pickup truck to attend Stanford University. Described by clients as “simply amazing” and “a gift from above”, she enjoys bringing her improvisational skills to her job at Guidebook. She utilizes her creativity on a daily basis to navigate tricky client requests and keep clients laughing during long conference calls.

Shannon was amazing! A gift from above. Best service I’ve had from a vendor in years!!!

At Guidebook,”customer service” translates to success for the whole company and all of our users. Every day, this team upholds their “Happy to Help” motto by providing unmatched service with eagerness, enthusiasm, and a smile.

Have you interacted with the Guidebook customer service team? Please let us know how we can adapt, grow, and help.

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