How the Guidebook Team Stays Connected with the GB Wellbeing App

Over the years, the Guidebook team has used our platform to create mobile guides and web pages for company travel, meetings, and social activities. We’ve utilized mobile Guides to support our annual GuideTrips, internal meetings, and to help as we transitioned to working from home this past year. 

Like many companies, Guidebook went remote in early 2020. 

When the team transitioned away from the office, we picked up a number of practices and tools to help us maintain a sense of community and connection. One of our most loved tools has been the Guidebook Wellbeing Guide – an internal resource for the team to access materials and connect with one another.

Take a look at how we use Guidebook for wellbeing:

A monthly calendar of events

Guidebook’s culture team maintains a monthly calendar of wellness events. Whether a team member is looking to relax with yoga and meditation or to get creative with a virtual craft session, they turn to check the wellness calendar to see what is coming up and to add it to their personal schedule.

Guide Features:

  • Schedules – Create complex multi-track schedules. Include content, virtual event links, speaker information, all within your schedules. 
  • Personalized Schedules –  Enable employees to browse, build a personalized schedule, and set reminders. 


Connections and networking 

For companies with a lively company culture, going remote was certainly an adjustment. The team uses a handful of networking tools within the Wellbeing guide to make remote work feel less remote. Through chat, photo sharing, virtual meet-ups, and more – the team maintains a sense of community and connection. 


  • Interact – A newsfeed-style feed within your guide to display posts, photos, upcoming content, and more.
  • Discussion – Encourage dialogue with session-level discussions.
  • Photo album – Allow users to view and share pictures. Photos can be tagged with sessions or attendees.
  • 1:1 Chat – Users can also break away from the larger discussion and utilize 1:1 chat to engage directly.


Personal gratitude journal 

In addition to building connections and networking, the guide also gives the team opportunities for self-reflection. The gratitude journal section is a perfect spot for quick thoughts and notes of gratitude.


  • Notes – Give your users a private notepad, within your guide or app.







Team feedback 

A feedback survey provides employees with an opportunity to share feedback on their favorite events from past months, and what they hope to see in the future. Guidebook’s flexible surveys make it easy to collect open responses, multiple choice feedback, and more. 


  • Surveys – Learn from your audience with freeform, multiple-choice, or sliding-scale type questions.

With Guidebook employees located around the globe in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, virtual engagement and communication are vital to maintaining a vibrant work culture. 

Our mobile guides help employees connect with one another and provides leadership with the opportunity to reach employees where they already are — on their phones. 

Guidebook for remote engagement

Guidebook bridges physical gaps and brings teams together. Interested in how you can use mobile to improve your remote work culture? Get in touch with us below to schedule time with one of our app consultants!

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