How to Maximise Engagement

It’s January, and it’s that time of year where we are all trying to see what changes we can make to have a positive impact in 2018. Here at Guidebook, we are super excited to help drive a key change that we think will positively impact the ROI of all of our clients.

That’s a bold claim, but there has no doubt been an evolution in the focus and thinking of our clients over the last 2-3 years – and also where we have been able to provide value as a customer engagement team.

This huge mentality shift has taken our clients from asking ‘how do I get people to download my app?’, to pondering ‘how do I engage my app users, and maximise the value of that?’.

In the past, achieving downloads was almost the exclusive focus for all clients building apps.

app download metrics

Now, clients are channelling their energies into getting people back into the app – and keeping them interested and informed so that they spend a significant amount of time in there, too.


We are in complete agreement that this is a much more exciting question, and one that we feel we’re expertly placed to have an impact on. There’s no doubt that the general acceptance of apps as useful and easy-to-use tools has played a huge part in this development – but it’s also down to the drive of our pioneering clients to stay focused on the advantages of mobile.

So what does this mean for you?

We’re really excited to share this new guide with all of our clients (and anyone excited about harnessing the power of mobile) to use. As a customer engagement team, we have a privileged position in being able to analyse what the most successful guides/communication strategies have in common – and also use our own experience too. With this, we have worked closely over the last few months to put together a document that we think any client can use to help build/manage a Guide that will repeatedly bring people back in – and provide value to them when they do.


maximising mobile app engagement


How to Maximise Engagement

We hope this will help all of our clients to build better guides, and more focused strategies, specifically to increase user engagement – and in turn benefit from the value that this brings. Benefits of this include:

  • Increasing attendee satisfaction at your events
  • Providing greater value to your app/event sponsors
  • Connecting your students/staff more closely to your organisation, and much more.

It’s designed to be a working document, with helpful tips on building a strategy – and checklists to work through as you go. Take a look, share it with anyone that might get value from it, and feel free to send feedback/questions to

If you would like to get hands-on and learn more about how to increase engagement, in London, UK, we will be hosting a ‘Masterclass’ event on the morning of February 22nd 2018 called Creating a Strategy to Increase Engagement’.

These Masterclass events are an exciting addition to our content programme in 2018 here in Europe, and more will be announced very soon.

You can learn more, and register for our Masterclasses, here.



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