Get More People to Use Your Event App

Creating an event app with agendas and other helpful information is only worthwhile if people use it. Promoting your guide to all of your attendees is just as important as making the event app. The more you promote your guide, the higher your download rates will be!

With this in mind, we thought we’d share a few quick and easy ways to help you promote your event app at your next event.Don’t have the time or staff to do it yourself? Check out Guidebook’s on-site support options.

Email Attendees (FREE)

Send an email to your registrants with instructions on how to download the event app. We have free email templates to make it easier for you to contact your attendees. You can alter them to make them specific to your event! It’s a good idea to send out an email during the registration period, 2 weeks before the event, or 1 week before the event.

Make an event app poster

Posters are a great way to spread the word because a lot of attendees don’t plan much for the event until they get to the venue. Print a few posters with download instructions and QR codes and hang them around the registration desk and in common areas. We have several free poster templates that you can take to your local print shop. For qualifying customers, we’ll gladly customize a poster with your event name and logo.


Use your Website (FREE)

Plenty of people will be visiting your event’s web page in the days leading up to the event. Let them know about your mobile event app by giving it a shout out.

  • Put Guidebook’s badge on your website
  • Put your guide’s landing page on your website (i.e.
  • Embed the mobile web version of your guide on your website
  • Create a blog post about your guide
  • Create a video review of your guide (post it to YouTube and Tweet it to @guidebook! We love looking at those!)

Share the event app on Twitter (FREE)

Tweet about the app from your event’s Twitter account, or your personal account. Use the hashtag for your event (typically #[event name]) anywhere in your Tweet to help people find it, and to create Trending Topics. You can:

  • Tweet about the launch of your event app
  • Tweet about your guide’s coolest features
  • Ask us (@guidebook) to Tweet your hashtag and guide link
  • Offer prizes to attendees for Tweeting about your guide

Example Tweets: 

Our Event has gone mobile! Download Guidebook and search for OurEvent to get on board! #OurEvent #coolFreeStuff

Lovin’ the slick Twitter module in the OurEvent guide. What’s your favorite Guidebook feature? #OurEvent

@guidebook Lovin’ the “My Schedule” module in the OurEvent guide. So excited to launch! #OurEvent

Free OurEvent t-shirt to the first 5 people who Tweet about the OurEvent Guide! We’ll announce the winners at 6 PM tonight! #OurEventGuidebook

Facebook (FREE)

Post a status or a review about your event app on Facebook!

Example of a Facebook status:

Hey OurEvent attendees, check OurEvent on Guidebook. The Guidebook app is really cool and lets you interact with the conference plan your schedule, see the Twitter action for #OurEvent, and so much more! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Try Video

Make a video review of your Guidebook experience or just tell your attendees how useful Guidebook is and how they can get it.

Example of a YouTube video. (>

More ways to promote your event app

  • Tell each attendee at the registration desk about Guidebook, which is FREE for all your attendees to download and use. This is super effective at getting the word out about your guide. We’ll even come out and provide on site support and promotion if you want!
  • During your welcome or intro speech, mention that your event app is on Guidebook and encourage users to create a personal schedule using Guidebook’s “My Schedule” feature.
  • Encourage speakers to mention or interact with the guide before or during their talk.
  • Put a link to your guide or our QR Code on the back of attendee badges
  • Put inserts into your program book encouraging users to download your event app.
  • Put Guidebook in your program book. Just make sure to distinguish it from an advertisement!

These are just a few ways to promote your guide. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for your next event!

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