How To Sell Event App Sponsorships

Event App Sponsorships: Ads at Your Fingertips

Does your event have sponsors who are eager for ways to get more visibility? As an event organizer, it can sometimes be difficult to find sponsorship opportunities that are effective and reasonably priced enough to attract buyers, yet still bring in enough revenue to make them worth your while. Guidebook occasionally sponsors events, and some of the options that we are given aren’t exactly mouthwatering. I can remember, on more than one occasion, thinking, “Really? They want $5,000 to put our logo in their printed materials and on posters that people will probably never read? Even if people do see our logo, how will they figure out what we’re offering?”


Example of a guide’s banner sponsorship.

The pitch for event app sponsorships

First, it’s easy to incorporate a sponsor into a mobile app. There are no printing costs, no need for prepared remarks, and no booth setup fees. Second, it’s more valuable to the sponsor. For instance, if an attendee sees a logo in a program, they have no ability to get more information or take action. But if they see a sponsor banner that catches their attention in a mobile app, they can click on it to get more information about the sponsor, fill out a contact form, or even make a purchase.

In general, a mobile sponsorship is cheaper to provide, and more effective than a lot of traditional print sponsorships. Here are some ways that you can include sponsors in your mobile event guide.

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