Increase and Retain Association Memberships with an App

Associations play a critical role in creating and fostering professional networks, facilitating education, and advocating for their members. In the last decade, there has been a greater push towards digitalization. One of the most effective ways for associations to stay connected with their members is through an association app. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how an association app can help increase and retain memberships, and how to ensure your app is effective year-round, not just during conferences.

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Increase Memberships with an Association App

First, let’s discuss how an association app can help increase memberships. Memberships are critical to the sustainability and growth of any association, and a good app can help streamline the membership process, making it easier for members to join and renew their membership. An app can also help associations reach out to potential members, by providing a convenient and accessible platform for them to learn about the association and its offerings.

One of the most critical features of an association app is the ability to customize content and push notifications based on member preferences. Members can opt-in to receive updates on events, news, and other relevant information, helping them stay engaged with the association. Additionally, the app can offer personalized recommendations, such as networking opportunities or professional development programs, based on the member’s interests and career goals.

Another key advantage of an association app is the ability to connect members with each other. The app can provide a directory of members, allowing them to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals. This feature can be particularly helpful for new members, who may not have an established network within the association yet.

Engage with Members in a Year-Round App

Now, let’s talk about how to ensure your association app is effective year-round. While conferences are often the primary focus for associations, it’s important to remember that members engage with the association beyond just the conference period. The app should provide value to members throughout the year, not just during the conference season.

To ensure that the app is effective year-round, associations should offer a range of features and functionalities that members can use and engage with at any time. This could include resources and tools for professional development, access to exclusive content such as webinars or whitepapers, and a forum or discussion board where members can connect and exchange ideas.

The app should also provide opportunities for members to engage with the association and each other, even when there are no conferences or events scheduled. This could include virtual networking events, mentorship programs, or even casual social events such as virtual happy hours. By providing opportunities for ongoing engagement, the app can help build a sense of community among members, making them more likely to renew their membership.

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Retain Members with an Association App

And finally, let’s explore how an app can help associations retain memberships. Retaining members is just as important as acquiring new ones, and the app can play a critical role in ensuring members remain engaged and connected with the association. A good app should be user-friendly, intuitive, and regularly updated with new features and functionalities.

One effective way to retain members is to offer exclusive content and resources through the app. This could include access to industry reports, research papers, or training materials that are not available elsewhere. By providing members with unique and valuable content, the app can help demonstrate the association’s value proposition, making it more likely that members will renew their membership.

Another key strategy for retaining members is to provide ongoing support and engagement opportunities. This could include regular check-ins from association staff or volunteers, personalized professional development recommendations, or mentorship program access. By demonstrating a commitment to member success and offering ongoing support, the app can help build trust and loyalty among members.

Build an Association app with Guidebook

It’s clear that an association app can be a powerful tool for increasing and retaining memberships. By offering personalized content, connecting members with each other, and providing ongoing engagement opportunities, the app can help build a sense of community and loyalty among members.

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