[Infographic] Event Marketing Timeline

Gotta catch ’em all! Event marketing is like fishing with numerous types of tempting bait, poles all  hanging off the side of your boat while you strategically dip them into the water at different times in highly calculated combinations.

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That’s why we created this event marketing timeline–an infographic that illustrates the types of complex and unexpected ways you’ll capture registrants using many marketing channels.

You’ll meet all the classic event attendees:

Go Get ‘Em Gary, a total fanboy who sings your praises to all his Twitter friends and responds to early bird discounts. He came to your event last time. He’ll come next time. He knows your home address.

Takin’ it Serious Sam, who demands access to a really compelling agenda before he’s ready to sign up. He’s all business. He brings a solar device-charging backpack filled with 5-Hour Energy. He’s there to LEARN.

Unbearably Busy Bev probably saw your direct mail campaign, emails, digital ads and special offers… but her assistant is in Boca Raton, her expense reports are due, and she just ate a drive-thru car taco while speeding to an offsite WHILE APPLYING LIPSTICK. She’s glad for a quick call to remind her to register.

Finally, your full event marketing timeline delivers with Make-You-Work-For-It Walt, who won’t register until you tell him there are only 17 tickets left, FOMO gets the best of him, and he signs up just under the wire.

It takes a village to market an event. And a lot of organization. Let’s catch ’em all!

Click the Event Marketing Timeline to enlarge!

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If you’re looking for more information about how to design your own event marketing timeline, and how to create your event marketing mix, you’re in luck. We covered it in detail in our Professional Event Planning Guide, a free 70-page eBook filled with to-dos, checklists and more. Download here for free!

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