Introducing Guidebook Forms: modern mobile app surveys

If you want to gather feedback from your audiences, then you know how important it is to have easy-to-use questionnaires and easy-to-understand reports. Guidebook continues to offer its survey functionality with a variety of question types and with exports available at the click of a button within your mobile app. However, session ratings and post-conference evaluations are just scratching the surface.

We are excited to announce that our survey functionality is expanding. Guidebook Forms now includes Assessment mode, allowing guide-builders to collect even more data and communicate instantly with users too. 

guidebook forms

Assessment mode: Actionable insights

By enabling Assessment mode on Forms, guide-builders unlock Automatic Scoring as well as customization options to design effective user experiences. 


  • Question point values: Set the number of points earned by answering a question
  • Correct answer selection: Designate the correct answer choice(s), if the respondent must answer correctly to earn those points. 
  • Show score: Help respondents understand their performance without waiting for a follow-up.
  • Show answer key: Respondents can self-evaluate and take in new information immediately.


You can evaluate employees during onboarding or quiz your students after a lesson. Host trivia for team building or make your event interactive with questions about vendors. With Assessment mode, you can collect and analyze valuable data efficiently. 


More mobile app features coming soon

What if you could do even more with your user data? In addition to reviewing an answer key, what if users could be taken to relevant content within the mobile app? They could access additional resources while team members within your organization receive email notifications, prompting instant action to address concerns or incidents. 

Guidebook forms will continue to evolve with a focus on enhancing data capture and communication to create a more meaningful experience for guide-builders and users. Stay tuned for updates coming soon! 

If you have any questions about Guidebook forms, contact us. And if you’ve used forms for your association or event, leave us a review.

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