Introducing Mobile Admin: Manage your Mobile App from your Phone

With Mobile Admin, you can send announcements and edit your schedule right from your phone, an industry first.


“I run a music festival and stuff gets changed a lot midday. Would be nice if I could make small changes to the events right from my phone… Love u guys thanks!”

-Jeff, Spazzfest VII 2016

Updates on the Go

Event planners and campus event organizers are always on-the-go and making changes quickly. But when it comes to instantly communicating with your attendees, things can get tricky. Whether you remember at the last minute to send students a reminder push notification to bring their résumés to a career fair, or you need to warn your event attendees on the fly of a traffic detour, it’s been near impossible to communicate last-minute changes with app users because it required being in front of a computer at exactly the right time. At Guidebook, we’ve been well aware of this pain point, and we aimed to change it.

With our newest feature, Mobile Admin, you can send announcements, updates, and edit the schedule of your Guide all from the convenience of your mobile device. As your event information changes, so will your mobile app.

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So while Mobile Admin is not intended to be a mobile replacement for the in-browser experience of Builder, we think you’ll still find it an invaluable asset for making small changes when you’re on the go. When you need to make on-the-spot adjustments to your guide during the event (like room number changes and sending out last minute push notifications) Mobile Admin is there to save the day, so you can get back to what matters – your event.

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Guidebook has always been an essential tool in your event planning toolbox. But in terms of actually updating pertinent event information, you’re helplessly tied to your computer. Until now, making updates required breaking out the laptop, typing in the credentials for yet another wifi network, and hopping onto Guidebook’s Builder to make changes there.

As event organizers, you’re always busy – especially during the big event. Things change all the time, and without access to a computer, you struggle to send updates and adapt as efficiently as possible.


“You would probably be doing this if you could, but make administrative edits possible via mobile app. Loved it though!!

-Emily, Brown University

“I would love to have the ability to send push notifications from my cell phone/iPad.

-Kaitlin, Rutgers University


Mobile Admin was born of your experiences and insights.

You asked for a better way to communicate last-minute changes with your event attendees as well as the ability to send push notifications and updates while you’re truly mobile. We’re proud to say that with Guidebook’s Mobile Admin, that’s exactly what you’re able to do!

Now you can:

  • Modify schedule items and make last-minute changes to your sessions.
  • Save precious time by quickly making updates and edits straight from your phone or tablet.
  • Stop worrying about being tied to your PC just to keep your users up-to-date. With Mobile Admin, you can react on the fly, right from your mobile device.

How can I access Mobile Admin?

  1. You must be an Admin on the Guide
  2. You must be on the Plus, Premium, or Branded plan level. (To learn more or upgrade today, contact
  3. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Guidebook app
  4. Log into the Guidebook app using the same credentials you use on Builder

If you’ve satisfied all of the above, you’ll see the Admin Tools button at the top of the drawer in your Guide. From here you’ll be able to send push notifications, modify schedule items, and even contact Guidebook Support.


Check out this great Support article on Mobile Admin if you have any questions about how to use it.

Interested in speaking with a member of our team about using Mobile Admin for your next event? Click the button below to get in touch!

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