Mobile Agenda Apps Can Help Create Great Photo Slideshows


Whenever I get a chance to use Guidebook out in the field, I learn new ways to use the features. Recently, I had the pleasure of using it at an event that I go to every year called the Family Nature Summit. It’s basically a week-long “conference” in a beautiful wilderness area, where people spend time hiking, bird-watching, and generally appreciating and learning about nature.

It seemed fitting, given the event’s emphasis on conservation, to offer a mobile agenda app. What was surprising, though, was that the most used feature turned out to be the shared photo album. While people were out exploring the wilderness, they snapped photos with their smartphones and submitted them to the shared photo album in the mobile guide.

At the end of the week-long conference, there were hundreds of photos. The organizers then exported them, chose the best ones, put them to music, and presented a 15-minute slideshow at the closing program. This was way easier than the usual process of trying to get people to come to the registration office and individually offload their cameras’ memory cards onto a hard drive.

You can check out the guide here, if you’re interested. Or, if you want to learn more about the shared photo album feature, you can find that here.

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