Networking, Idea Sharing, and Spectacular Views - The Guidebook Cruise

At Guidebook, we’re passionate about events that bring people together, generate ideas, and offer unforgettable experiences. Our platform has helped thousands of organisations in building apps that enhance the attendee experience, streamline admin, and build engaged communities. 

Twice a year we gather members of our UK client community for networking and learning events. These events are our opportunity to meet and have fun with a few of the amazing clients we work with. It also provides a space for ideas to be shared and for our attendees to meet like-minded people with similar challenges. We strive to make these events as creative as possible and offer attendees a unique experience, previous events have included a trip to the London Eye and Dining in the Dark. For this summer’s edition, we took a cruise up the Thames in a 98 year old wooden sailing boat. 

Sailing with Guidebook

This unusual boat is one of the few classic wooden vessels still operating. The boat offered spectacular views of the city as it passed sights such as the O2 and the Royal Naval College. Its 30-foot mast stopped London traffic as Tower Bridge parted to let the boat through and all onboard became the star of many tourist photos. 

Growing with Guidebook

Relaxing on deck and enjoying the summer views was a perfect setting for our attendees to speak to other Guidebook clients and share ideas on what they can achieve with a Guide. Our goal was to inspire our attendees with as many use-cases as possible and provide an opportunity to speak to and learn from others on board. To do this, we introduced a networking activity that served as an ice-breaker and helped initiate conversations about their app-building experience.

Our aim is for our events to have real value for our attendees and offer a fun experience. This event did just that! Below are a few quotes from attendees on their experience cruising with Guidebook up the river Thames:

A real treat – well organised and with great networking opportunities. The icebreaker game was a good idea to get people connecting and I got to exchange great ideas about how to use the Guides.  – BDO

This would have been a great networking event anywhere, but on a pirate ship on the Thames, it was amazing! – Royal Veterinary College

Brilliant event, Guidebook pull out all the stops to make their networking events both fun and a useful way to meet others that are using the app. – BAE Systems

If you’re keen to meet the EMEA Guidebook team before our winter installment of our networking event, keep an eye out for us at the Festival of Marketing. We’ll be hosting a session and talking all things app and event engagement.

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