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Since 2011, over 20,000 Guidebook guides have been published for everything from trade shows to weddings and our users’ creativity continues to astonish us.

But we wanted it to be even easier to create mobile guides for absolutely anything, so we’ve been hard at work cooking something up for our users. To make creating guides as simple as possible, we’ve vastly upgraded and improved the guide building experience. Our content management system is the secret sauce behind every great Guidebook guide and it’s getting some major improvements – an elegant new design, easier workflows and extreme speed increases. It will be the same great Guidebook, just…better!

Take a look at the exciting enhancements we’re making to our guide builder:

A faster, sleeker building experience

Faster, sleeker

We’ve rebuilt our content management system from the ground up. With an elegant new look, create guides in a ‘what you see is what you get’ environment with a drag-and-drop interface and streamlined workflows. Pages load faster, data imports quicker and everyday building zooms right along!

Demonstration of guidebuilding

All of your guides will be stored in one organized location where you can manage their build processes, message your guide’s users and easily find guide usage metrics. Our new Builder includes all of the features you love, but now they’re more intuitive and simpler to implement. The sleek new user interface walks users through the process, checks build progress along the way, and makes suggestions for next steps. Users can build the exact app they want, in exactly the way they want it.

Guide templates

Guide templates

Guidebook’s mobile app builder now anticipates the type of apps users want to make with a growing library of professionally built templates. Users will save even more time on the building process with smart suggestions for content and layout.

Guide templatesWe’ve used information gathered from the 20,000 guides built on Guidebook’s platform by some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations to build templates for popular usecases. Inspiration is now built into Guidebook, and getting started is easier than ever.

New usage metrics

Usage metrics

Deeper access to guide metrics gives guide builders instant insight into not only how users are navigating a guide, but navigating the event itself. A variety of new insights will shine light on audience makeup, event engagement, content interaction and sponsorship engagement. On a new dashboard, guide owners will have access to at-a-glance and easy-to-filter data that provides useful information exactly when it’s needed. Event organizers can then take deeper dives into each category for game-changing perspectives on how attendees are interacting with their message.

Usage metrics dashboard

Overhauled feedback formsFeedback forms and polls

Event organizers highly value the ability to interact with their audiences and solicit direct feedback within their event apps. With improved survey building and reporting, creating feedback forms within apps and analyzing the results is an elegant and simple experience. A polls and surveys dashboard keeps all the data in one place and allows easy access to results, no matter where the surveys are housed within the guide.

Enhanced account managementAccount management and collaboration

Many of Guidebook’s users work on guides as part of a team, and we’ve made that process much more intuitive. Users can manage multiple guides across teams and departments under one subscription plan. With a new dashboard, admins can manage collaborators, assets, templates and apps.

Adding a collaborator

Admins can also utilize user permissions to restrict actions for each member of the team. Like publishing a blog or website, collaborators can be assigned roles with permissions to match.

Improved storefront

Improved storefront and check-out

Adding apps, guides and services to a user’s account is built right into the content management system with a simple storefront interface. Now a user can decide they want a new guide, purchase it, and instantly get to building!

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