Resources For Finding The Right Event App

Having choices is a good thing – until there are too many. An overwhelming landscape can cause stress, sleepless nights and a feeling that if you make the wrong decision life as we know it will be over forever. Don’t let the hunt for a great event app send you to the funny farm.

Once you begin to understand the features that event app providers offer and compare those to the needs of your events, everything seems much more manageable.

event app buyer's guide ebook

How to evaluate apps

Already checked out the Event App Buyer’s Guide eBook, but still a bit lost? You’ve come to the right place. There are a few key things that every app buyer should take into consideration before creating a short list or taking any demos.

  1. Support
  2. Features
  3. Current Customers

If an app company can meet your needs and prove themselves in those three areas – you’ve found your match! We’ve detailed how to evaluate each one of those categories in our 2015 Buyer’s Guide.

How to distinguish between apps

With an array of features and styles to consider, the distinguishing factors between companies can start to blur. We’ve gathered some information into a simple table that you can use as a starting point during your search.

best conference app comparison chart

To learn more about the features in this chart and how to find the best app for you, see our event app comparison.

Now you have the power to choose! Wield it wisely and your attendees will be benefitting from the many advantages of having their very own mobile event app.

Of course, we’d love to have them using one built with Guidebook. (You’ll love it too!)

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