How to Sell Your Boss on a Mobile Meeting App

(Editor’s Note: Need help choosing an event app and then convincing your boss of its value? Check out The Event App Buyer’s Guide. It’s a free eBook that provides a foolproof method for evaluating event apps and ranking them objectively.)

Gone are the days of choosing partners and business tools exclusively in the C-suite. According to the bestselling book The Challenger Sale, the people doing the research and using tools–influencers–have more leverage to decide than ever. You just need to know how to talk to your boss about the solution that’s best for you. So how can you sell your boss on a mobile meeting app?

It helps to think in “boss language”. Here at Guidebook, we work with our partners to explain the value of a mobile meeting app, and give them tools to spread the message throughout the organization. Here’s what we’ve learned:

A Mobile Meeting App is a Win

Your boss wants to know: what’s the win for the organization? Here are some of the boss-friendly points we’ve collected from meeting planners like you:

1. Mobile Meeting Apps Save Money

A scalable, subscription-based meeting app platform is designed to be a good financial choice.

The only alternative to the app is to develop printed programs and handouts for every meeting. The direct cost of printed materials? Layout, design, printing and shipping. And once you print, you can’t make a change.

2. It’s A Straightforward, Modern Move

You don’t need to hire a specialty software developer to build your apps and your team doesn’t need help to add and manage content. Anyone can edit the friendly, intuitive backend interface and publish changes to all devices instantly. Would your organization like to move away from reliance on an IT team?

3. Your Boss Won’t Have To Worry About Security or Support

It’s all included and all covered. At Guidebook, our meeting planner influencers just show their bosses that we have an award-winning support team. End of discussion.

Security is a concern for decision makers, but your mobile meeting app is designed with this in mind. This is what we do.

“This year, there was no discussion. The top executive and creative team didn’t even care to look at other options–we are that happy with Guidebook!”
– Cindy Chandler, Manager of Education and Sponsorships, SmartWork Media

We published a 2-page handout specifically for sharing with your boss. You can download it here!

4. Prove the concept before investing financially

Sometimes seeing is believing. Guidebook allows you to create and publish beautiful mobile meeting apps for FREE that you can show off to your boss. The app building process is extremely easy, and having something tangible to play with goes a long way toward convincing other stakeholders. Take a stab at building your own mobile meeting guide:

Get more information about making a detailed event app pitch to your boss, plus more, in The Event App Buyer’s Guide. It’s a free eBook that walks you through the process of evaluating the best app for your organization, and even assigning it a numerical score with an Event App Scorecard. Click below to download it!

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