Sponsorship Package: How to Create One and What to Include

A strong relationship between you and your sponsors will drive success. Create new sponsorship relationships and nurture existing ones with an event sponsorship package. The package should include all advertising opportunities during your event in person and within your event app

Creating an event sponsorship package

Creating an effective sponsorship package shows your sponsors the why, how, and what.

  • Q: Why should they sponsor your event?
    • A: Your event and custom event app both offer a variety of advertising opportunities that are highly visible.
  • Q: How can they advertise?
    • A: Scannable banners and booth spaces are some in-person examples. Within your event app, they can have banner ads, pop-up placements, and more.
  • Q: What’s in it for them?
    • A: When you build an app with Guidebook we provide clear metrics about the audience, views, clicks, and more. Data you can easily export and share with your sponsor.

Getting quality sponsors for your event creates unlimited earning potential. Imagine, being able to cover all the costs of building your application through sponsorships. It’s possible, but it’s up to you to clearly communicate why they should sponsor, how they can advertise, and what’s in it for them. One of the best places to start is with your event’s target audience.

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Establish your event’s objectives and target audience

When pitching your event to potential sponsors, you must share your event’s objectives and audience. Let’s say your event is focused on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), will EHS executives be attending? If yes, and your sponsor is an EHS app builder like ReadyKey or an EHS publication like EHS Today, you can let them know that their ads will be in front of potential high-value leads. 

What if your event is for admitted students day, how many college freshmen and transfers will download the app? If over 5,000 students will download the app, that could be great exposure for a free app-building platform that future club leaders can use to create event guides and apps, or for local businesses aiming to tap into the increased traffic on campus.

In short, the best way to get the attention of a sponsor is to show that the audience attending your event will be interested in their product or service. And that the audience will have multiple opportunities to interact with their ad. When you build an event app with Guidebook, you get access to smartphone features, like QR codes, that appeal to a wide range of audiences. And you can include sponsored content throughout your event app easily. 

Craft different options for each sponsorship package

There are so many sponsorship opportunities both in person and on your event app. Creating different levels within your sponsorship package organizes the information, making it easier to see the value quickly.

You can group together all in-person ad placements with a package that includes:

  • Banners
  • Booth space
  • Logos on name badges
  • Logos on some or all printed materials
  • Sponsored SWAG like water bottles or stickers

And you can group together all ad placements on your event app with a sponsorship package that includes:

  • Featured listing
  • Sponsor banner
  • Sponsored poll
  • Sponsor module that lists all logos and website links

However, the best sponsorship packages include offerings that are available for both in-person ad placements and ads within the event app. One idea is to create a package focused on audience interaction that focuses on a QR code scavenger hunt and a sponsored game or activity within the event. Another idea could be to feature a more robust hybrid list of offerings to include branded badge lanyards, branded hats or pins, a photo booth, and banner ads within your event app.

Be sure to list all of the ways your app collects data and how that data can be valuable to your sponsors. When you build an app with Guidebook, your app automatically collects and organizes valuable data into actionable insights. You can easily download those insights and share them with sponsors. Data collection ranges from simply compiling emails to having lead generation forms, to sharing how many views or clicks a banner ad received.

Make data collection available within each tier of your sponsorship package offerings. The more data and insights your sponsors have to work with, the more value they can receive from advertising at your event.

Ideas for sponsorship packages

Create a Menu of Sponsorship Package Offerings

Put all of your sponsorship package options together in one document. Make it like a menu with a list of each ad placement and the price. Include screenshot examples, a written explanation, and a fair price. Offer a small number of options to make it easier for the potential sponsor to decide.

Analysis paralysis can set in when there are too many different options to choose from. Don’t let anyone get overwhelmed by options. Design packages that are centered around general themes. If possible allow packages to be customizable and flexible based on specific needs that your sponsor may have.

Here are some of the sponsorship features available when you build your event app with Guidebook.  

Allow Flexible Pricing for Each Sponsorship Package

Pricing is flexible and is based on several factors including, the size of your event, the perceived value your event brings to the sponsor, the estimated number of high-value leads, how many views and clicks ads get with the event app, and more.

Our Complete Sponsorship Kit shares 15 tricks to double your event revenue. It includes 4 different ideas for how to build a sponsorship package. 


Potential sponsors want to see how advertising at your event will bring them value. Create a short list of sponsorship packages that are organized by different themes and objectives and you’ll make it easy for them to sponsor your event. 

If you have any questions about how you can get sponsorships for your mobile app, talk to our team. We’re happy to walk you through the options and offer ideas to help you design the best sponsorship package for your event app. And you can check out our sponsorship options in this support article

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