The Best Tech Tools for Events

Technology isn’t a choice now—it’s part of event marketing and production across every sector. And tech-focused tools for events are changing the way you work. Think about how automated registration, multimedia teasers, mobile event apps and smart badges have altered the industry!

Tech tools for events

We encourage you to check out the slides and video of this information-dense (and free!) webcast for real-life situations where technology has played an integral part in growing and measuring events.


Monetize your event with mobile banner ads

The best tech-based tools for events show their value through data and efficiency. You can offer sponsors a measurable, dynamic way to be seen. Sponsors will love the ability to make last-minute changes, message test, and get data about who clicked on their ads. (This is also a great place for them to make an offer that draws visitors to their booth!) Because you sell banner ads, they can easily pay for the price of a mobile event app–and even generate revenue.

tools for events banner ads


You can also learn about bundling mobile banners in with other sponsor offers to drive creative upsells and longtime partnerships in this article about creative package deals. We cover the details of selling sponsor packages, along with several examples of that bundle traditional sponsor offerings with some that take advantage of your favorite tech-savvy tools for events!

Boost registration and mobile app use with pre-event marketing

You can get more people to come to your event–AND more people to download and use your mobile event app–with the ideas in the webcast and slides. We talked with real-life event pros about how they showcase the exciting features of their mobile guides to generate buzz about the event itself.

tools for events boost registration

Check out the presentation for tips on digital marketing before and during your event, then visit this helpful article for more tools for events and ways to increase event app downloads.

Get your attendees to engage with gamification

 More than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application in 2014, and 15% of day-to-day business practices will employ gamification.
Gartner, 2013

Tech tools for events gamification

Get the most out of gamification: In the webcast, learn the rules for getting your attendees to network, interact with sponsors/exhibitors, and move throughout the physical space. Want to learn how you can leverage some of the best tools for events to master gamification? Take a look at this article about matching human motivation research with your event app game.

Learn and improve with mobile app metrics

A mobile app is one of the most valuable tools for events due to its ability to give you highly usable data. Attendees answer differently when you ask them for feedback in real-time. When you pre-fill a hashtag in your app’s Twitter feature, you can measure message amplification and synthesis. And sponsor banner click data tells you which partners are the most relevant and compelling.

tools for events

Go for it: watch the hour-long webcast to learn how to incorporate tech tools for events into your strategy!

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