Virtual and Hybrid Events: Attendee Networking 

If you pivoted into virtual events over this past year, you know that creating an engaging virtual environment for your audience isn’t as straightforward as with in-person events. While the elements of face-to-face interactions, bumping into someone at the coffee line, or meeting your seatmate are removed in a virtual event, technology enables great opportunities for virtual networking.

Why does networking matter?

Engaged audience members absorb more information, are happier, and get the most out of your event. Additionally, active, engaged attendees tend to rate events higher and walk away with a better event experience. Networking plays a key role in building an engaging event environment. 

For many, networking is the goal. According to a 2019 study by EventMB, networking was the main priority for over 80% of corporate event attendees. Events have long been an opportunity for colleagues, industry professionals, and partners to meet and build relationships. 

Looking at virtual events, networking brings attendees out of their silos to achieve an engaging environment. This is why it’s important to find a platform that provides networking opportunities.

Let’s look at how to use attendee networking tools to engage remote audiences. 

How attendees leverage Guidebook to network

With Guidebook, you can build an app and event website, adding interactive features to foster an engaging environment.  

User profiles and connections

Enable networking by allowing your users to connect with one another. Connected users can view each other’s full profiles and send in-app chat messages to each other.

Live Video Streaming 

Pairing Guidebook with top video platforms provides your audience with an engaging virtual environment. Create an engaging environment where attendees can engage with each other while tuning into your content. 

Interact – Event-wide discussion feed 

Interact is a lively, curated feed for discussions, networking, announcements, sponsored posts, image-sharing, and more. Attendees can post, and engage with other attendees here.

1:1 Chat

Connections have the ability to engage with one another. Enable your attendees to build deeper relationships and get more out of your event. 

Session Discussion 

Attendees can also network and engage with one another during sessions. Accessible on both mobile and Guidebook Web, session-level discussions enable targeted conversations as sessions are taking place.


Interested learning in how you can use Guidebook’s event platform for your next virtual event? Request a demo with our team here.

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