Real Apps for Tourism: Maui Tropical Plantation

Top 5 Ways Vacationers are Using Smartphones- Apps for Tourism

85% of international leisure travelers use their smartphones abroad.
– Techie Traveler, 2012

App use by tourists has increased exponentially.

“Offering the Guidebook app brands us as progressive.”

Albert Boyce runs the Maui Tropical Plantation, a one-of-a-kind tourist destination. You can visit the plantation to walk through lush tropical grounds with plant and animal life, listen to live music, play on ziplines, and take a tram tour.

The Maui Tropical Plantation website prompts visitors to download the Guidebook app before they arrive, and signs with the app instructions are posted throughout the park. “These days everyone has a smartphone,” Albert says. “We host cruise ship guests, foreign visitors, locals–everyone comes to the plantation.”

QR codes posted in color-coded zones throughout the park allow visitors to enjoy a live walking tour with vivid descriptions of the plant life.

“Guidebook is dynamic, easy, and you never have outdated brochures,” says Albert.

Maui apps for tourism

Visitors use a mobile guidebook to explore the grounds at Maui Tropical Plantation.

Guidebook’s Apps for Tourism and Travel

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Your visitors can take photos and share them socially. The can view custom dynamic maps of your venue or location. They can search for nearby attractions, activities and restaurants that you want them to find. You can even give them airport information.

Even better: you can give your visitors a tailored experience with easy-to-access information about your venue. A list of all the pieces in your gallery, along with descriptions? Links to the points of interest in your city? The sky’s the limit with Guidebook!

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