Did You Win $150 of Event Planning Books?

We had a great week in the Guidebook Library! Each day we gave you a new shelf of free resources to make you a more effective planner–and we had a little fun with it, too. 

We covered event revenue with free resources about converting attendees with an experience (conversions are the hardest to focus on, but the most important!). We offered up a free ebook on event budgeting and revealed the REAl cost of an event app.

We got to the bottom of attendee engagement. What does it really mean? How can you use the tools in your tech toolbox to measure and improve it? Come here for articles on the real value of networking and the surprisingly straightforward psychology behind checking in–and much more.

If you’re marketing an event, look no further than this collection of marketing ideas. Learn to build an event war room to monitor and promote positive interactions on the floor and how to “hack” event PR by thinking outside the box.

And finally, we did a roundup of the best books for event planners–the classics and the new, favorites from our readers and our team of event pros here at Guidebook. Get ready to be the belle of your next planning mixer with all the hard knowledge you’ll drop from these books!

Let’s give away this library!

To celebrate, we chose a subscriber to win a fabulous package of books this week. And the winner is… Stacy from Good Gracious Events in Los Angeles. Congratulations, Stacy!

winner of the event planning resource library

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