And the winner of the $200 Spy Kit is...

What a week! We went undercover and risked our lives to crack open the secret event planning files. Now the event planning world is alight with information that everyone wanted to know, but was too scared to ask.

Most importantly, however, is who won the $200 Spy Kit! It’s a toolbox for savvy planners to conduct their business anywhere – even in the most extreme of circumstances.






The winner of the $200 Spy Kit is Philip “PT Money” Taylor of North Texas! He’s a blogger, CPA and entrepreneur. Plus, it seems he has a pretty cool blog that you should check out about making the most of your money.

Thank you, subscribers

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to the Guidebook blog in hopes of winning the kit this week. We promise not to disappoint, and will be delivering you the most quality of content relating to the events industry. We make sure we talk to the smartest people, ask the most important questions, and create the most helpful resources to help planners be better at their jobs. Then, every once in a while, we’ll give away crazy prizes and write articles equating event marketing to Lord of the Rings characters.

This week we delivered you these exclusive secret files:

Tuesday – We partnered with Liz King at techsytalk to survey our collective readership in order to answer the question, “Just how much money do event planners make?” It’s time you know how you stack up, and we’ll be happy to tell you in this not-to-be-missed revelation.

Wednesday – What if you stopped being the nice guy and got down and dirty with your business’s marketing? Find out when Anna teaches you how to run your event planning business like a Slytherin. Like the Sorting Hat says, “You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.”

Thursday – Negotiating is like a secret language that some people are born with and others aren’t. Negotiation coach Craig dos Santos shares planner-specific strategies for building a negotiation toolkit through everyday practice. You haven’t read these tips before!

Friday – One of the worst kept secrets in event planning is that events and meetings have the ability to produce a ton of waste. So what’s the big deal about walking off with a flower arrangement when all’s said and done? Some planners have dared to lift much more than that – and we’re making a list of the best loot ever pilfered from an event.

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