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Whether you're engaging with five people or 50,000, Guidebook has a plan that's right for you.

$5  per device

Want a flexible plan that fits a smaller audience? Only pay once per device. The first 5 devices are on us, and any additional are just $5 each. Learn more

  • All our most premium features
  • A full audience management toolkit
  • Content sync integrations
  • Engagement metrics and insights


For large audiences with unpredictable download rates. Pay once a year. Unlimited devices. Learn more

  • All our most premium features
  • A full audience management toolkit
  • Content sync integrations
  • Engagement metrics and insights

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the first 5 devices are on us.

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Deploy at scale

For high volume guides Get bulk discounts and advanced services on a plan that scales with your needs.

  • Branding + app customizations
  • Dedicated account management
  • Award-winning phone support
  • Advanced integrations + exports
  • Bespoke pricing
  • Custom agreements

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Build and publish

Meet Guidebook’s Builder: the most powerful content management system in the game.

Organize a schedule & speaker lists

Builder makes it easy to organize your content in ways that just make sense. You can even speed the building process along with our intuitive content importers and integrations.

Add advanced features

Drag and drop advanced features into your guide like a shared photo album, our messaging module, or our activity feed — Interact.

Make it great

Our simple, clean interface is easy for anyone to use regardless of technical skill. Your content will always look the best it can on any device, no matter what.

Publish to the world

When your guide is ready, you can publish it to the world with a click of your mouse. Changes appear within minutes.

Manage your audience

Once you’ve published your content, we’ll give you state-of-the-art tools to manage your audience.

Invite your audience to the party

Control who has access to your guide with our privacy controls, then make sure they get access with our invite tools. Or simply make your guide available to the world.

Push critical messages straight to the app

Once your guide is out there in the hands of your audience, engage them with critical messaging through push notifications.

Segment your audience

Organize your audience into groups for tailored messaging.

Curate your attendee experience

Monitor attendee interactions on our social platform with our moderator tools. Highlight key sessions and sponsors with admin posts.

Measure your success

Access intuitive metrics of your app's most popular content to understand attendee engagement and make informed decisions. We make improvement easy.

Measure adoption

Monitor downloads and guide access. The breadth and depth of your audience usage will tell you how successful your guide was.

Evaluate your content

Monitor the most accessed content in your guide. What was a success that could be expanded and what could be adjusted and improved next time? Now you don't have to guess.

Identify influencers

Identify your most active audience members for rewards or outreach.

Take next steps

Our metrics toolkit gathers all the data from your guide and displays it to you in a way that makes it easy to inform the critical decisions or processes central to your organization.

Commonly asked questions

Can I control who has access to my guide?

Yes! With privacy controls and User & Group Management you can easily gate your guide and only give access to the people of your choosing.

How can I prevent getting charged for too many users?

We have various safeguards in place to ensure that your guide is being used by real users. But if you’re still worried about this, a flat rate plan may be better for you. Get in touch with us to learn why.

What’s the difference between a Metered Guide and a Flat Rate Guide?

While a Metered Guide Plan and Flat Rate Guide Plan both have access to the same features, the Flat Rate Guide Plan pairs you with one of our award-winning Account Managers and grants you phone and live-chat access to our top-of-class Support team. To learn more about the differences, get in touch with the team.

What kind of information can I get from devices using my guide?

Once your guide is published you can access overall usage reports & trends, as well as individualized user reports. We also give you the ability to generate various usage reports to better inform you about how people are using your guide.