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Boost Your Campus Appeal and Engage Prospective Students

Hundreds of campuses use Guidebook to support incoming students and their families during Orientation, Welcome Week, and Move-In. These are critical points at the beginning of the student lifecycle, and we are thrilled to help our client institutions shine during these special moments.  Additionally, we partner with campuses to cultivate powerful experiences during campus visits. […]

EDU Guides: Supporting Your Campus Communities

Our partners use Guidebook to create energetic community spaces on and off campus. We understand there are numerous audiences to support as part of a college or university community. You may be using Guidebook to ensure families are informed about Commencement or to keep Alumni in the loop about regional gatherings and Homecoming. You may […]

Mobile EDU Toolkit

Welcome to Guidebook’s Mobile EDU Toolkit! During these unprecedented times, we know there’s a lot to think as we all move to a more virtual way of life. We’ve helped colleges and universities transition events, communications, and student programs to mobile, and we’re happy to share our learnings with the Guidebook community. Here, you’ll find […]

Hybrid and Virtual Events Toolkit

Welcome to Guidebook’s Hybrid and Virtual Events Toolkit! During these unprecedented times, we know there’s a lot to think about when transitioning to virtual. We’ve helped events large and small make the move to virtual, and we’re happy to share our learnings with the Guidebook community. Here, you’ll find tips and best practices for adapting […]

Event Branding Guide: Tips for Creating a Strong Event Brand

Today, event branding and experience are more important than ever before. 48% of event attendees find in-person interactions with brands more valuable than 2 years ago, according to a study by Live Marketing. Live experiences – conferences,  workshops, and tradeshows and more – help connect brands to their audiences in ways that other marketing channels […]

Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating an Event Schedule

Planning a conference schedule can seem like putting a puzzle together. With sessions, discussions, workshops, networking, and more – it can be challenging to squeeze it all in. Unlike a puzzle, however, there is no single way to organize an event.  There are no definitive answers to questions like – How should I structure my conference? […]

How to Organize a Green Event: Tips for Sustainable Planning

There’s no doubt that the events industry has had an impact on the environment over the years. From booking international travel to printing bundles of glossy schedules, sustainability is often not top of mind when organizing an event. An exciting shift is taking place though, and over the last couple of years, the events industry […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Event Budget

Creating an event budget can be overwhelming! With a laundry list of expenses, it can be tempting to skip the planning and jump right into signing contracts with your vendors. Though this may sound like the easy route – without a clear budget, you’re setting yourself up to blow it.  In this guide, we’ll show […]

How to Create a Successful Event Marketing and Promotion Plan

Whether you are hosting a large-scale international trade show or an executive-level private function, event marketing needs to be an integral part of the demand generation mix. After all, a strategic combination of online and offline event marketing is essential to any company’s bottom line.  Marketing is an important element of your overall event plan. […]