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At Guidebook we are building a platform where anyone can create a mobile presence for their event or venue in a matter of hours. We are looking for top talent to join our team and help build our apps used by thousands of organizations.

Life at Guidebook.

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Challenge yourself professionally and personally

In the booming and evolving industry of mobile technology, there is no shortage of learning opportunities for people who are willing to dive in head first. At Guidebook, each and every team member is challenged to develop new skills, venture outside of his or her comfort zone, take risks, and innovate. No one at Guidebook is here to sit still -- figuratively or literally (our desks move up and down). We want people who are driven to push themselves every day to grow personally and professionally.


Make major contributions every day

Because of Guidebook's small size and the rapidly developing mobile technology industry, every team member has the rare and valuable opportunity to make major contributions to the trajectory of the whole company and to the way that people connect with places all over the world. Leave a mark. Be a legend.


Use technology to connect people with places

Working at Guidebook is about much more than just building mobile apps -- it's about optimizing technology, making information accessible, promoting a green culture, and providing an excellent product and service to our clients. We take the verb "Guide" not just to mean helping people find their way around events and places, but also to mean leading our industry and (dare we say!) the world to a better and brighter future. We are looking for inspiring minds to travel alongside us on our quest.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Vacation Time

Standing Desks

Full Health Benefits (medical, dental, vision)

Discounted Gym Membership

General Stock Options / Equity

Downtown Palo Alto & San Francisco Office

DeanSenior Developer

We have a loose organizational structure that allows developers to explore and learn new skill sets. You can be working on mobile applications and then decide to work on a full web application stack.

Everyone works hard because it is a product we strongly believe in but we also don't forget to have fun. We share drinks, play board games, compete in video games, and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Home Sweet Office.

When you're passionate about what you do and you enjoy the people you do it with, you end up spending a lot of time in the place where you do it. One of our priorities at Guidebook is creating a space where our family feels happy -- not just because of what they're doing, but also because of where they are.

We don't fan ourselves with palm fronds...

...or stock the fridge with lobster, but we do strive to make our workspace comfortable and friendly. Plenty of natural light, a location within walking distance of cool bars and restaurants, and easy access to public transportation are all must-haves for a Guidebook office.

Our downtown Palo Alto office features hydraulic standing desks, a video game room with a projector screen the size of the wall, lounge couches and a common eating table (sometimes re-appropriated for games of Catchphrase or Magic). There is always something tasty to be found in the snack area -- roasted seaweed, coconut water, cereal and granola, fresh fruit, trail mix, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and chocolate-covered almonds... Lots of chocolate covered almonds.

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