Find a guide

Looking for a guide built on Guidebook?

1. Download the Guidebook app

2. Find your guide
Use the search function, enter the passphrase you have been given, or follow the instructions you received via email and log-in to the Guidebook app to find your guide

3. Download your guide
Download your guide to access it through the app.

Alternatively, your company or organization may have built a custom app with Guidebook. Please refer to any download instructions you have received, or go to your device app store and search for that specific app.

Our commitment to mobile apps

Our mission is to make it simple to create and manage mobile apps. Over a hundred thousand organizations have used Guidebook to power their mobile experiences. While we’ve had a lot of success powering conference apps, corporate meeting apps, and university campus apps, our platform has been used for thousands of different use cases. Forward-thinking professionals are using Guidebook’s simple app builder to make interactive mobile guides for their student orientations, college campus tours, venues, corporate campuses, parks, and airports. Start going green with iPhone and Android apps built by the best event app company in the industry.