Get the most up-to-date session schedules to your attendees.

Your entire schedule is right on your attendees' phones. They can pick sessions and add them to their personalized agendas with reminders. If they want more details, they can simply click on a session. Images, locations, and detailed descriptions can accompany any item.


Exhibitor Listings

Nothing makes exhibitors happier than people visiting them. Include a searchable list of exhibitors along with descriptions, booths locations, and sessions.

Each listing can have a picture, and rich text formatting such as bullet points, bold, and italics.

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Speakers Listings

Add bios and pictures of all of your speakers, and links to all of the sessions in which they’re speaking. Attendees can search speakers by name, topic, or anything else.


Interactive Indoor Maps & Floor plans

Vivid, high-resolution maps of your venue allow attendees to scroll and zoom in order to navigate their way around the show floor. Interactive maps make navigation much easier, which means you can create visual links between locations on schedule/list items and the corresponding location on a map.


Outdoor Maps

We can make it easy for your attendees to find their way around using a hybrid of our own technologies and Google Maps. Users click on a point of interest (an exhibitor, a presenter, a dining option, etc.) and a pin will be dropped on the map telling them where they need to go. This feature also takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of the user's device, pinpointing where they currently are on the map.

With interactive maps, visually link between schedule/list locations and your maps.


Shared Photo Albums

A professional photographer can't be everywhere at the same time. With Guidebook, attendees can take photos and instantly upload them to your mobile guide. This creates a collective photo album that people can browse through to see the event from different perspectives.

Get Social

All of the social buzz surrounding the event on Twitter and Facebook is collected in one place for easy browsing and participation. Post Tweets and Facebook updates right from the app! You can also direct users to an easy-to-navigate version of your YouTube channel, so that they can keep up with any videos that you post.

Interactive Sponsorships

Give your sponsors another way to get in front of your attendees by letting them sponsor an unobtrusive banner at the bottom of the screen. With hundreds or thousands of people using the app throughout the event, this is a valuable opportunity. And all of the money it generates goes directly to you!

Learn more about our interactive sponsorships


To-do List

An interactive to-do list allows your attendees to jot down all of the things they don’t want to miss and check them off upon completion. With one touch, they can add an exhibitor, speaker, or sponsor to their list.

Instant Feedback

Ask your attendees what they liked most about the event, or how they would improve it for next year. You can include multiple-choice, sliding scale, and fill-in-the-blank questions. The answers are automatically available to the event organizer through the web portal.

Mobile Ticketing

You can now sell tickets and handle registrations for your events through your guide. This is a special feature for organizers who use Eventbrite for their ticketing and/or registration process. Your potential attendees can purchase tickets straight from their mobile devices by clicking a ticket icon and entering a little bit of information. When they do, their ticket is emailed to them and they can redeem it straight from their phone.

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Instant Updates

Anytime the event organizer makes a change to the guide, it will be instantly available to everyone using the guide. Optionally, you can add a message to inform users of the change when they next open up the guide.

Learn more about Guidebook Gears

Push Messaging

Your team can send valuable updates about location changes, promotions or contest winners. Attendees feel more connected to the event and interact more with the app, which translates to a better experience.

Messages will be delivered a user even if they don't have the app open

User Checkins

Users can see a list of everyone who is attending and check themselves in. Once they’re checked in, other users will be able to add them as a connection.

Contact Cards

With contact cards, your users can selectively share personal information with others using your Guides. They can build as many cards as they like, with varying levels of personal information appropriate for friends, new business contacts, and more.


Guidebook's QR code scavenger hunts add unprecedented value to your guide. When you gamify your guide, you motivate attendees to explore their physical space. Wouldn't your exhibitors, presenters or sponsors like to hear that you have a proven method to drive foot traffic to their area of the event?

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