Mobile Apps for Events.

Give your attendees all of the information they need, without saddling them down with pounds of paper.

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Simplifying mobile for events of all sizes.

Create a mobile guide to your event without spending all of your time and money. Put all of the information your attendees need — such as schedules, exhibitor lists, maps, and all sorts of interactive and social features — right on their phones and tablets.

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What an Event App Can Do.

Communicating effectively with attendees is crucial to making your event a success. Here are just a few features you can provide through an app.

How an Event App is Made

You can use our simple web interface to make an app or guide for your event in hours.

Scalable Solutions for Different Events

Different events have different needs. Whether you run a few small events or several large events, we have the right solution for you. We allow you to create mobile guides for a wide variety of events without spending a ton of time or money.

Guidebook Success Stories

The best way to learn is to emulate successful strategies of people facing similar challenges. Here are some examples of great uses of Guidebook. See all

Our attendees are very tech savvy, and their most common comment was 'this app is extremely polished.' From an implementation standpoint, the app was easy to configure and the Guidebook team was great to work with.

Our goal in creating a mobile guide for the Subscribed 2012 global conference series was to stand out as much as possible from other conferences. We wanted to give our guests thorough, up-to-date information and make it easy to access. Guidebook let us accomplish just that.

I've already signed up to use Guidebook for the 2013 CTN animation eXpo. I would definitely recommend this great product -- in fact, I’ve already recommended it to several clients who are event planners.

Works Well on All Devices

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, as well as a mobile web app, nobody is left out.

More than 80 percent of smartphone users have Apple or Android devices. Guidebook gives you fully native apps for both of these platforms, so that people can browse quickly, and access content instantly even when they don’t have a good Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The other 20 percent of users are also covered through our mobile web app, which means that you get the best possible user interface for everyone for one low price.

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