4 Must-See Sessions at Mobile World Congress 2019

Every year, Mobile World Congress is a hotbed of technology discussion where the future of the industry is mapped out by leading figures. Speakers include the likes of Vodafone CEO Nick Read, Universal CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, and HTC CEO Cher Wang. The exciting content featured at this years’ show is divided into 8 themes: connectivity, AI, industry 4.0, immersive content, disruptive innovation, digital wellness, digital trust, and the future.

As a mobile platform, we’re thrilled to join in on the excitement and hear what’s next in the mobile space. If you’re attending the big event, you can find us at the show, we’d recommend booking a meeting with us in advance to ensure we can discuss our app insights in more detail. We’ve selected the key sessions that every attendee of this year’s show shouldn’t miss, no matter what your interests are.

Intelligently Connecting the World

When: Monday 25th February at 9:00 am

5G is going to be one of the main discussion points at the show. It’s a particularly interesting time to hear the opinions of leading mobile service provider’s after the Huawei 5G scandal. This opening keynote session on Day 1 is a unique opportunity to hear from the CEOs of Vodafone, Orange, Singtel and KT Corporation. They’ll be setting out their vision for the future and discuss the strategies, business models and internal systems that’ll help them achieve innovation.

Keynote: Immersive Content

When: Monday 25th February at 2:30 pm

Consumers’ expectations for their phones are a driving force behind handset design. Part of the challenge for those within the mobile industry is anticipating the ways in which consumers will want to interact with their phones and the types of content they’ll be consuming on there. The rising importance of video content no doubt shaped the larger screens and handset that are popular today. This engaging session will feature the CEOs of Vimeo, Universal Music, and HTC as they discuss change they foresee in content demands. They’ll also discuss consumer appetite for immersive content and virtual reality, and how this appetite will impact the industry.

Amazon Entertainment and Home Series

When: Tuesday 26th February

Amazon will present an entire programme of sessions at the show, gathering Amazon executives together to discuss how they are innovating on behalf of customers, delivering new content and product experiences. The sessions will cover the real breadth of Amazon’s operations with leaders from Prime Video, Alexa, Amazon Devices, Fuse and Amazon Music. One stand out session, ‘The Alexa Story: Innovating a Voice Driven World’ will give us the opportunity to hear the inception of the popular home assistant and what the future holds for the Alexa device.

Keynote: The Next Unicorn

When: Thursday 28th February, 9:30 am

This unusually named keynote session will unpack the intelligent connectivity that is driving innovation through new ecosystems and business models. The speakers include Light CEO Dave Grannan, MessageBird CEO Robert Vis, Picasso Labs CEO Anastasia Leng, and Sparrho CEO Vivian Chan. Hear from these up-and-coming companies about the technology they are using, including enhanced imaging and democratisation of scientific research, to disrupt competitors.

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