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People around the world have used Guidebook to publish more than 25,000 mobile apps for conferences and events, university activities, corporate meetings, and all sorts of other things.

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Bring whatever you're planning to a new level with a mobile guide - so much information in such a tiny space.

Exceed expectations

People expect to find you on their mobile device. Meet them there, then blow them away with a beautifully seamless mobile guide.

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Maps, schedules, shared documents - anything you used to print now lives in your mobile guide. Going green saves you green.

DIY without the frustration

It doesn't take an engineering degree to build your own guide. Just a few hours and some old fashioned creativity.

Always up to date

You can easily update your guide any time. Never be burned by last-minute changes ever again.

No matter the size

We want you to have a guide whatever your attendance or budget. So we offer a real, working version of our event app for free. As you grow, opt for more features.

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