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Case studies, guide examples and the voices of Guidebook's partners

"The app is easy to configure and the Guidebook team is great to work with."

The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Reduced printing by 50%
  • 115% app adoption rate
  • 75% increase in sponsor participation

"We want to be innovative and appeal to our students – and that’s why we went with Guidebook."

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"Our fans want more information and they want to have it at their fingertips."

"Using Guidebook was a great idea and we'll certainly do it again in the future. I was very pleased with the quick response time from the Guidebook team and the near-ubiquitous adoption of the app. It's a great way to communicate with attendees"

"Guidebook is a fantastic product - backed by great people - which enriches the guest experience for all of our events!"

The University of Oregon

"Students are on their phone already. We want to be there too."

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"Guidebook fundamentally revolutionises how we interact and engage with our audience."

Case study

Oculus Connect is the premiere developer conference for virtual reality experiences. Their Guidebook guide gives attendees another cutting-edge technology!

  • A detailed speaker list with photos of each speaker
  • Demo sessions with capped attendance
  • Attendee networking within the app
University of Florida

"If you are thinking about Guidebook to improve your program, find a way to make it happen. It will be well worth it."

"The Guidebook team is really, really great to work with."

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"Guidebook has drastically improved the PAX experience for our tens of thousands of attendees and show staff alike."

"I love how everything I need to know about Zion is right at my fingertips. It’ll be an excellent tool for new or prospective members – to give them a good sense of all that Zion has to offer."

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"Once we get someone using Guidebook, they're like, 'why haven’t I been doing this before?' I would highly recommend it."

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"It was just a great experience from start to finish."

"The DIY aspect was important. With our schedule, there are so many last minute changes that if we asked someone else to develop this for us, they would just laugh."

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"We're going to suggest it for larger events because we're so happy!"

Case study

Residential students at La Trobe University in Australia have a student handbook in their pocket at all times.

  • Important contact information never more than a few clicks away
  • A list of community standards keeps expectations clear
  • An up-to-date activities calendar informs students of social programming

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