How Ah.Mi Health Connects its Members Virtually with Guidebook


ah.mi is a 12-week jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. Members join with friends to make lasting lifestyle changes.


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Ah.mi + Guidebook

Pronounced “ah-mee,” a play on the french word for “friend,” ah.mi is a 3-month jumpstart to a healthier life alongside friends. The program focuses on the basics: eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle.

In 2019 ah.mi’s founder, Rachel Johnson, sought a fun way to reach health goals and help her friends get healthy also, so she began a text group for accountability and inspiration. As friends got wind of Rachel’s weekly text threads filled with fitness challenges and recipes, demand grew, and ah.mi was born. Since its launch, the text thread has grown into a comprehensive platform.

Today, ah.mi runs its group programs in cohorts, which continues the mission of inspiring lasting improvements together. Bringing friends together virtually, ah.mi members stay connected through individual group chats and the ah.mi mobile app.

An engaging platform for members

Women from around the country who participate in ah.mi’s three-month programs turn to the mobile app for the program’s weekly health challenges, advice from Ah.mi’s registered dietitian, and more. To keep members engaged throughout the 12-week program, ah.mi sends out a variety of push notifications. Members get alerts for new challenges each week as well as motivational messages to inspire progress.

Program cohorts engage as small friend groups through text and as a larger group on the app, providing multiple touchpoints to stay connected and motivated. “We’ve found that making a commitment to yourself and friends, in combination with having a little kick in the butt from the ah.mi app, helps to create lasting results,” said Rachel.


Equipping members with resources anytime, anywhere

A key benefit of becoming an ah.mi member is access to the program’s library of resources. With a collection of recipes including “Take Me to Brussels” and “Netflix and Chili,” ah.mi makes eating healthy fun and enjoyable. The app puts these fun and practical recipes in the palms of ah.mi member’s hands.

In the early days, Rachel and Robyn Davies, ah.mi Creative Director, spent too much time organizing and sending out content to program participants. By moving resources to a mobile app, Rachel and Robyn spend less time managing content and have more time to focus on the program itself.

To that point, Robyn said, “We’re more efficient now, moving to mobile has given us the ability to focus on growth and the capacity to offer more resources to our members.”


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