Event App Leaderboard - Drive App Engagement with Gamification

You’ve built a great app full of information and resources. Now what? An event app leaderboard.

It’s time to deploy the Leaderboard feature to gamify app adoption and feature usage, all whilst boosting app engagement. As users earn points and climb the rankings, they will explore the content and tools you have made available to them, and they will connect with fellow contenders along the way. 

Energize with Friendly Competition

The event app Leaderboard helps you foster community without any extra effort. Don’t worry about awkward icebreaker questions; friendly competition will spark camaraderie.  

You can award points for contributing to session discussions, commenting on the Interact social feed, and more. As people participate, the rankings will update and encourage even more engagement


Educate with In-App Tasks for Leaderboard Points

By awarding points for taking actions in the app, you can make sure your users discover everything your app has to offer. 

In Guidebook Builder, you choose which actions are worth points, and you choose how many points users can earn. You can even make adjustments! 

At the start, you might host a photo contest and award all participants with points (but only the most-liked photo wins a prize!). Later on, you might want to incentivize feedback form submissions. 

By setting high point values for certain actions, you can increase traffic to those areas of the app. 

Elevate Engagement with an Event App Leaderboard

Your app is more than the schedule, or pages of information, or push notifications. With the Leaderboard feature, take both your app experience and app engagement to the next level. Nurturing community through gamification will yield connection and conversation. 

Ready to enhance user interactions? Request a demo now and see the Leaderboard feature in action!

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