Announcing New Guidebook Integrations and an Open API

Guidebook Integrations Are Here

Event managers house information in all sorts of systems –  from your CRM, to event registration software, to marketing automation and lead generation tools. It’s not an easy task getting event information in and out of the tools you need – let alone making sure the information is up to date across all of your systems. Today Guidebook is launching a suite of integrations to help you connect the software systems you use most. Gone are the days of duplicate content entry and manually entering each attendee by hand.

With our new integrations, we’ve focused on two distinct areas that are equally important to event managers:


Event Registration

The first set of integrations help with content entry. Using our new Eventbrite, etouches, and Cvent integrations you can easily set up your attendee list, sync over your master schedule, create personalized schedules, or add your speaker/exhibitor lists. Once you’ve gone through the initial setup, Guidebook will sync with these systems every two hours to make sure we have the most up to date information. Just changed some important information that you need to sync immediately? No problem – you can request a manually sync and Guidebook will pull that information immediately.

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Export Attendee Profiles

The second set of integrations help with exporting user engagement data and attendee profiles. Our new Salesforce, Marketo, and Mailchimp integrations enable you to export important user engagement metrics and attendee profiles from Guidebook into tools where you can execute more powerful sales or marketing actions. It’s now easier than ever to create targeted marketing campaigns to follow up with attendees about their experience or generate new sales leads from your event.

In case you don’t see any of the integrations you need, today we are also announcing our Open API. With the Open API, your team can choose whether to sync content or export data into the systems of your choice, and build out the necessary connection. Now your team has the power to communicate with Guidebook Builder directly!

We are thrilled to launch these new features for you! We truly hope that these integrations make your lives easier and your events even more successful. Check it out in Builder now. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at

*Please note: Eventbrite and Salesforce integrations have been completed and are available in Guidebook Builder. Our team is currently hard at work at completely the others mentioned in this post.

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