Are Virtual Events Effective?

While virtual events have been around for years, their popularity has gone up exponentially in 2020. From concerts and festivals to conferences and courses – we’ve seen a wide range of physical events go virtual. For many, virtual events play an essential role in maintaining connections socially and in business.

Experts estimate events won’t be back at the same scale before 2022, and even as events gradually return to in-person, we can expect social distancing and safety protocols to remain in place for years to come. With that in mind, virtual events will continue to be an important part of your events strategy for some time. 

Despite their growing popularity, some organizers are hesitant to go virtual. Virtual and hybrid events offer a safe and effective way to continue with your event programming. In addition to offering a safe means to attend, virtual events have many advantages for organizers and your audience. In this article, we look at five top reasons why virtual are so effective.


Virtual events are effective because they meet people where they are – literally! 

In-person events are reliant upon the people who have the means and time to attend conferences and trade-shows, leaving a large population out of the action. Going virtual breaks down those prohibitive barriers. You’re essentially bringing your event to the homes and offices of anybody who is interested.


Virtual events are effective because they offer flexible attendance 

Offering a virtual or in-person event with a virtual option – a hybrid event – enables people who otherwise may not attend the opportunity to attend, even if for an hour or two. Virtual events offer more flexibility in time commitment. With this in mind, create thematic tracks for attendees to engage with content of interest. 


Virtual events are effective because they lower financial commitment to attend

With lower overhead costs for virtual events, you can offer tickets for a lower or no cost for your audience. Lower ticket prices are yet another benefit for potential attendees, enabling individuals who otherwise would not have considered attending. Further, lower ticket costs help to break down barriers of knowledge and information. 


Virtual events are effective because they offer higher sponsorship benefits 

Hosting a virtual event allows you the opportunity to give your sponsors measurable and accurate information on attendance, impressions, and connections built! There’s also more flexibility in sponsorship costs in virtual events. While large booths or exhibitions can be costly, digital assets provide value to your sponsors without the overhead costs. 


Virtual events are effective because they are less expensive for you! 

Organizing in-person events requires a large financial investment venue and design, food, AV tech, and more. Hosting a virtual event requires much less upfront financial investment, which allows you to spend wisely on the technology, including streaming, event site, and mobile app necessary to host a successful event. 


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