How Associations Are Using Mobile Apps to Benefit Members

Today, our mobile devices are central tools in our lives – a tool we use for communication, entertainment, learning, and more. Apps make much of this activity possible. Associations are increasingly embracing our affinity for apps, using them to put resources and benefits at members’ fingertips.

As associations turn to apps, we’re seeing apps as a way not only to engage but also to share relevant and timely information with their members. Here are three different ways associations are using apps to connect and improve the flow of information.

Increase member engagement

American Massage Therapy Association

In 2013, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) decided to move to a mobile app for its national convention. Since then, the app has been a valuable tool for the association and the 1,500+ members who attend the annual convention.

With a mobile app, members engage before, during, and following the annual conference. Additionally, the app helps the association nurture its community and drive more member engagement by keeping conference attendees informed with up-to-date information.

Centralize member information

YMCA of the Rockies

The YMCA of the Rockies created a mobile app to provide information for the several thousand internal staff and members who needed information throughout the year. By creating a single app that housed both an internal staff guide and an external member guide, the YMCA streamlined how they managed information.

  • Internal staff guide as an onboarding resource and to better inform and communicate with employees
  • For their external guests, YMCA created a guide to house hotel information, links to local attractions, maps, and even included a communication channel for their guests.

Whether a member is looking for event information or a new staff member is onboarding – the organization now has a single hub to point to individuals to find information.

Improve communication and strengthen connections

American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association(AMA) provides learning opportunities for marketing professionals to collaborate, network, and grow professionally. To support these opportunities, the AMA created a mobile app for their internal and external events, including their annual conference, symposiums, trainings, and company summits.

The mobile app keeps AMA members informed by providing a look at upcoming events, event schedules, interactive maps, push notifications, and more.


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