Campus Technology names Guidebook Most Valuable in the Institution - 2018!

Looking back on highlights from 2018, we’re thrilled to share that Guidebook was given the highest honors for on-campus technology, the Platinum award, by Campus Technology and ranked #1 for Top 5 Favorite Technologies Used.

Each year, Campus Technology recognizes a variety of technologies involved in the business of higher education, as voted by institutions. From the tools administrations use to the technologies leveraged in classrooms, institutions voted Guidebook as the Most Valuable in the Institution.

What an honor! As one of the top information sources in higher education and go-to-resource for campus professionals, we’re honored the Campus Technology community recognized Guidebook with two of its highest awards.

Top 5 Favorite University Technologies

Based on survey feedback directly from Campus Technology readers, Guidebook ranks at the top of the list when asked, “What are your three favorite technologies that you currently use in your capacity as an education professional?” Using these results, Campus Technology compiled its Top 5 list. Here’s what the community said about using Guidebook:

“Guidebook allows us to host conferences, training sessions, and move-in day processes. It gives us the ability to communicate with our students and allows updates easily and quickly when there are changes to the schedule.”

“Through our Guidebook mobile app, we’ve been able to connect with families 24/7 and provide them the resources they crave in the palm of their hand.”

The team here at Guidebook is thrilled to be recognized for the benefits our apps provide to universities, and we look forward to continued partnership with educational institutions in 2019!

Universities + Guidebook

Guidebook enables universities to build mobile guides for new student orientations, alumni events, campus tours, and more. Customizable and branded, Guidebook apps are helping thousands of colleges and universities engage students, their families, and alumni with mobile experiences. If you’d like to learn more about utilizing Guidebook, request to speak with an EDU specialist.



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