Guidebook Voices: Customer Success and Guidebuilding

At Guidebook, “customer service” translates to customer success. A key reason our users return event after event and year after year is our award-winning customer teams that are dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers. We’re thrilled to share insight from the team members who work to keep you thriving with Guidebook!

Candace’s Story

I started working at Guidebook in June 2018 and joined the team as a Customer Success Associate. Coming from a Higher Education background, I wasn’t exactly sure what working in the private sector would look like for me. However, I knew I was excited beyond belief to join the Guidebook team, and that was because I had been a guidebuilder myself for three years prior to getting hired! I knew I was in the optimal position to hit the ground running and get my hands dirty.

In my previous position, a part of my responsibility was building and maintaining the mobile guides for New Student Orientation, Commencement, and Family & Alumni Weekend. These are three high profile events with vital information that was imperative for not only students transitioning in and out of the University but also their parents and families. Guidebook allowed us to organize our materials in a way that fit the University’s vision, messaging, and branding. Moreover, we were able to share timely changes when it came to weather mishaps, room changes, and important reminders.

Since joining the Customer Success team, I have had the privilege of learning more about Guidebook and building. There are many unique ways clients creatively mold guides to effectively provide event information. While guides can vastly differ between use-cases, I strongly believe that it is the Customer Success team’s responsibility to help all builders have the best toolset for success – the keyword. For the Customer Success team, we pride ourselves on our availability, approachability and the quality of our service. My favorite part of working with support requests is being able to empathize with our clients, since I was once in their shoes. I like being able to bring that perspective to the table and sometimes say “we’re in this system all day, so while it may be intuitive to us, is it accessible to everyone?”

Candace’s Tips for Success

As an advocate on the inside, I’d like to leave a few takeaways that I’ve learned from my experience, both as a client and working at Guidebook:

  1. If you’re feeling stumped, check out our Support Resource Library first. There is such a wealth of knowledge here, you’ll likely find an article that answers a question you might have.
    Pro Tip: Take a look into the Pro-Tip section to step up your game and impress your audience even more!
  2. If you can’t find your answer, Support is your best friend! Our Support team provides award-winning service and answers within minutes during our business hours. You can reach us at
  3. Use your push notifications! Each guide comes with 25 push notifications, which you can use for much more than last minute emergencies. You can proactively use notifications to encourage use and engagement within your app. In my opinion, it’s a not-so-secret weapon to success!


Candace is a Customer Success Associate in our Raleigh Office! In her free time, she enjoys binging television shows and abstract painting.

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