Employee Spotlight: Danielle Upjohn

Welcome to Guidebook’s Employee Spotlights, where you’ll meet the awesome team members who work behind the scenes to make it possible for us to provide Guidebook apps for events, conferences, campuses, and more.

Today’s spotlight features Danielle Upjohn, a Client Success Manager based in our London office!

How long have you worked at Guidebook?

I celebrated my first anniversary at the end of last 2019, so just over a year!

What’s been your favorite Guidebook memory so far?

I loved the EMEA away weekend – we went to Somerset and had so many fun activities planned for us like archery, caving and canoeing (although I don’t have any rhythm so not too sure canoeing was for me!). It was great to spend lots of time with the team away from London – we also had some colleagues from the US join us too which was awesome.

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I recently took a morning off to go and see Star Wars – couldn’t risk those spoilers!

You’ve done quite a bit of traveling the last few years. Tell us about some of your favorite places you’ve visited!

It is so hard to pick! If I had to choose, my top 3 countries would be New Zealand, Peru, and Nicaragua – they are all very different places! My favourite experience while traveling was staying in the Amazon, I was so nervous to do that but it was definitely the most incredible experience I have ever had – I was even brave enough to tube down the river with the caimans!

Finally, you can only have three mobile apps on your phone (besides Guidebook, of course). What three apps would you choose and why?

  1. WhatsApp – for the group chats when it’s Love Island season
  2. Deliveroo – when the food in the fridge just isn’t cutting it
  3. Wordscapes – when you have no signal on the underground

Thanks, Danielle!

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