Enriching your app experience with meaningful content

Guidebook’s most popular feature has historically been the Schedule, as it houses key content. Guidebook partners bring users together and promote networking through Session Discussion and/or Video integration.

Over the years, our Custom Lists feature has come to the forefront. While Schedule Sessions move off-screen as time passes, the resources and tools in Custom Lists remain readily accessible to users.

We recently brought engagement tooling over to Custom Lists to help Guidebook clients create dynamic spaces around content — without being constrained by time.

Feature Highlight: Contact Form

You can set a designated email recipient for each list item. When your users tap the “Contact” button, they can send an email through our platform.

  • Exhibitors can gather leads and follow up with booth visitors more quickly.
  • New hires can ask questions and feel confident they have contacted the right people.

Feature Highlight: Appointment-Scheduling

You can include a Calendly or HubSpot Meeting Scheduler link on each list item. When your users tap the “Schedule meeting” button, they can put time on the designated person’s calendar.

  • Attendees can secure appointments with Sponsor representatives.
  • Prospective Students visiting campus can connect with department heads.

Feature Highlight: Video on Custom List Items

You can include videos on your list items. These videos can be live or on-demand. These videos may be more content-focused or more networking-focused. Your users will be delighted with a more robust and enriching experience while using your app.

  • Potential employers at a Career Fair can make their booth digital with a representative available to remote attendees.
  • Orientation/Training leaders can share welcome messages, resources, and curriculum pieces through video.

Here at Guidebook, we understand our clients want to keep their users informed and engaged. So we want to give our clients the tools they need to design incredible experiences for their users.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about the ways you can deliver content effectively and help your users develop rewarding relationships.

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