7 Simple Ways to Add Event App Sponsorship Value

Event app sponsorship is the perfect revenue generator

Mobile event apps make life easier for both you and your attendees – but there is also a lot of value to be unlocked in event app sponsorship capabilities. Many events are completely offsetting the cost of their apps by securing valuable sponsorships within the event app itself.

Mobile tech has been able to remove many of the sponsorship sticking points of days past. A banner in a convention hall really only has perceived value and its ROI calculation will only ever be imperfect at best – at most, you can give an idea of the number of impressions it received. With a mobile app, however, sponsors finally have access to what matters most – hard data. Clicks, views, and even conversions can be measured with an app. It’s up to the organizer to provide and communicate the opportunity.

Here are 7 easy ways that you can unlock potential sponsorship features in your event app – all with little to no overhead costs for you!

1. Banner Ads

Sponsor banners are highly visible and a constant presence in an event app. If you have multiple sponsor banners you’ll also get the added movement of the

banners rotating, drawing your users’ eyes to the ad.

Banners are more traditional, but can easily capture engagement metrics and allow sponsors the flexibility of linking to a wide variety of content. And thanks to its ubiquitous visibility, you can charge a premium for it.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts let you get creative with your sponsorship packages. Offer sponsored posts on a per-ad basis or as a part of a larger package.  The content is up to them – but it certainly affords your visibility in the Interact feed.

Post engagement is measurable and gets your sponsors engaged in the event.

3. Multi-Sponsor Module

You can give props to all your sponsors with a module dedicated solely to your benefactors. A user perusing this list can see thumbnail logos, then dig deep to find links and information.

Organizers can even rank the list based on sponsorship level, allowing premium levels to be displayed first or have a special designation that demands more attention.

4. Sponsored Event Sessions

Offering to allow sponsorship of your keynote or lunches gives yet another chance for branding. Incorporate the sponsor’s name into the session title or include their logo in the session’s listing. You can even reinforce it with branding in the session itself – perhaps as part of a pre-session slide on the presentation screen.

5. Sponsored Tweets

Event apps are ideal for encouraging conversation on social media. Imagine the added value provided to your sponsors if they were a part of your the social conversation surrounding your event.

Within the event app Twitter module, you can load a sponsor-related hashtag to be included with each tweet. Sponsors will appreciate the chatter and the social data generated.

6. Sponsored Polls

You can really take advantage of an event app’s ability to generate data by creating a sponsored poll. Work with the particular sponsor to find out what types of insight they’d like to gain from your audience, then craft that into an organic poll that can eventually help you create a better event and added awareness for your sponsor.

7. Scavenger Hunt

If you and your sponsors are looking for an interactive way to engage the audience, consider gamification. A scavenger hunt can influence attendees to engage multiple times with one brand over the course of an event, or incentivize app users to interact with many sponsors by checking off booths on a list. Either way, encouraging your attendees to move through your event space to engage with the sponsors will add significant visibility and value.


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