Why are event organizers choosing Audience Insights to learn about their users?

Audience Insights

1) Increase the ROI of their Users

We all know that tailored messages are more effective than mass communication – but how do you personalize when you don’t understand your users? With Audience Insights, you can learn more about individual attendees: their interests, engagement levels, and in-app activities. Use this data to increase value for them and better tailor content to specific users in future events.

2) Provide more value to partners while generating additional revenue

At an event, it’s crucial for your partners – whether those are your exhibitors, sponsors, or other stakeholders – to learn more about the audience and whether they are resonating or gaining interest. Deliver more value to these partners by providing clear attendee interest signals from your mobile app, and help them maintain an effective approach to customer outreach. Bundle these into specific packages to generate additional revenue for your event.

3) Export data into your marketing platforms

Learning about individual users is great – but these insights are only truly valuable when they are actionable. Export your user data into XLS or CSV files and import relevant fields into your marketing platforms to drive targeted marketing campaigns and have a holistic picture of users across your different systems.

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