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The Guidebook Blog is known for producing well-researched think pieces for event planners. It’s our greatest wish in life to provide you with super-useful resources that help you get better and better at your job each week.

We’ve put a lot of time and love into creating as much great stuff for you as possible – but oftentimes it lives in our archives and it’s not always easy to access when you need it most. For example, you might not need to know right now how to get better photos at your next event for less money – but it’s likely you will need to know this at some point.

For that reason, we are creating The Event Planner Resource Library. Right here. Bookmark this page right now. Think of this as a secret library only for event and meeting planners. You can come back here whenever you want to, or when you need something specific.

Each day this week we’ll add a “shelf,” with similar topics grouped together. You’ll be able to browse the shelves and find your favorite articles when you need them. This page will update as we add more shelves – so this will always be your central hub for navigating the library.

Here are the shelves and categories of the Event Planner Resource Library that you can look forward to:

revenue bookYour Event Planning Revenue Resources

resource_library_engagement_27x35Everything You Need to Know About Attendee Engagement

resource_library_Tips_27x35Soup-to-Nuts Event Marketing Tips

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