Excite teams with a President’s Club app

Have you been looking for a fun new way to incentivize your sales teams? No matter the size of a company, everyone likes being recognized for a job well done, which is why more and more companies have been looking into programs to encourage morale and boost their sales culture. President’s Clubs have become increasingly popular with companies that want to celebrate the achievements of their hardest working members.

How to incentivize and reward hard work

Despite the name, a President’s Club doesn’t consist of the founding fathers, but is a corporate all-expenses-paid trip. These vacations are awarded to those who surpass their quotas and overachieve. More than just a “free vacation”, it’s an opportunity to reaffirm company loyalty, engage in team bonding, and simply make employees feel special. President’s Clubs vary across different companies, but the bottom line is always the same – corporate incentive travel programs are meant to acknowledge those who have surpassed their goals and motivate others to do the same.

A perfectly planned President’s Club trip wouldn’t be complete without a mobile app. Professionals are already on their phones to check e-mails, make calls, and schedule meetings — it only makes sense to host everything they need on the platform that they depend on!

What features should I include in a President’s Club app?

schedule_defaultWhat’s on the agenda?

No one will want to miss their next meeting here, but you’ve got to make sure that all your attendees know where to go and when. Meeting at the airport to travel together? Checking into the hotel at a certain time? Scheduling a special dinner or a unique outing? Add it all to the calendar! Make sure to include location details and connect to map apps to ensure no one gets lost. You and your guests won’t want to miss a second of their well- earned trip.


camp app messagingCommunity

Despite the fun nature of the trip, one of the main objectives for employees is to network! This is a great opportunity to bond outside of the office and get invaluable face time with other top performers and leading executives. Connect with Interact, a social feed within your app so members can easily engage in conversation, share photos, and connect with social media.


fraternity app chaptersAccommodation details

They say it’s all about location! Provide insights that guests are dying for like details about the hotel, WiFi passwords, nearby sights to see, places to eat, and things to do. You can also connect to other useful information within your guide like the local weather to ensure everyone has packed appropriately.  


emergency info featureSafety first

Don’t take any chances. Lay out emergency contacts ahead of time as well as local information to prevent any accidents.


medical meeting app networkingSocial media

Connect your guide with your company’s social media pages. You can follow branded hashtags and encourage employees to share their fun moments! This is great for company culture, branding, and for prospective candidates researching the company.

How does it work?

After you’ve finalized the invite list, send out the app via invitation or with a passcode to the lucky attendees! Don’t worry about having everything done at once because you can always make changes and update information on your app while you are on the go. And lastly? Have fun.

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