Guidebook Digitizes Aggreko’s Corporate Training

There was a time when Aggreko didn’t allow employees to take out their mobile phones during technical training sessions. However, in an effort to transition from being a training-focused organization to a learning-focused organization, Aggreko embraced mobile apps as a fundamental part of their “Be Your Future” learning program.

With the understanding that collecting certificates and building compliance wouldn’t be enough for the challenges ahead, they focused on delivering a dynamic learning approach to support high-performing teams. “Be Your Future” embodies continuous learning to enable their employees to efficiently overcome obstacles they’re facing in the moment and to be innovative and adaptable to the requirements and pace that their customers demand.

Aggreko delivered more than 300 courses to more than 2,000 Aggreko employees across the globe through Guidebook in the July/August issue of Chief Learning Officer (CLO).

Read more about Aggreko’s corporate training success story here.

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