Guidebook Event Solutions: Powering Engagement 

At Guidebook, we don’t think it should be difficult or expensive to engage your audience. This is especially true today, as we work to connect organizers with their audiences, whether you’re planning to bring to your audience together in-person, virtually, or with a hybrid event.

Created with attendees in mind, Guidebook event solutions equip your audience with engaging features to help individuals get the most out of your event. Add personalized schedules, polls, networking, and more from our library features to meet your event goals. 

Check out just how simple it is to create engaging event experiences with Guidebook.

Create immersive event experiences with ease

The Guidebook platform enables anybody to create robust, fully-branded mobile apps and websites to bring your events to life. Add features, import content, and manage your event in real-time – all from one central dashboard. 

  • Customize mobile app and Guidebook Web branding, design, and content
  • Create and manage interactive live polls and surveys
  • Collect valuable attendee insights like top sessions, time spent engaging, sponsor interactions, and more

Interested learning in how you can use Guidebook’s event platform for your next event? Request a demo with our team here.

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