Guidebook Masterclasses: A Session with the Experts

Why Did They Start?

The Guidebook Masterclasses began as a way of helping our clients make exceptional apps. Here at Guidebook, we pride ourselves on having a platform where beautiful apps can be created in four simple steps. As we’re mobile experts, we love seeing our clients make the best, most successful apps possible and what better way to learn from our expertise than meeting face-to-face? Customer success is our priority; we want to give you all the tools and advice you need to make the perfect app, which means having meaningful conversations with our knowledgeable Customer Success team, picking their brains, learning practical tips and understanding what stands in your way of creating your most engaging app yet.

How Do They Work?

Everyone builds their app for their own specific purpose, usually with a particular set of goals in mind. The advice we’d give to a university’s Welcome Week guide wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the advice we’d give to a learning and development app. Because of this, our Masterclasses are organised by topic and industry so you always speak to the most experienced member of our team. They’ll share examples of some great guides and discuss the best practice for approaching a guide with your goals. Our Masterclasses cover a broad range of topics, no matter what you are trying to achieve. Previous topics have included: engagement, sponsorship, EDU targeted apps, promotion, advanced building, employee engagement, and many more.

These sessions are your opportunity to have face time with the mobile pros and are designed to be interactive. We want to hear directly from you about what your greatest challenges are in your app-building journey. There are plenty of opportunities for Q&A throughout. There will be a hands-on task where you get to test what you know and your approach to app problem solving. Each session finishes with a worksheet, so you can take this away and build advocacy for your app projects within your organisation. Share what you’ve learned with your co-workers, too!

Meet the EMEA Team

Guidebook is powered by our passionate, experienced team. We love meeting our clients and being a part of your success. Each of us has a particular passion for mobile and some areas of expertise. Come in, meet the team and understand why we love doing what we do.


Richard Rowe
Richard has over 6 years of experience in EMEA and APAC helping companies transform the way they operate through technology. He’s worked with a diverse range of industries such as Events, Banking, L&D, Retail, Consulting, and Pharmaceutical. He’s passionate about technology and the positive impact mobile engagement strategies have on an organisation.



Elaine Robbie
As a Customer Success Associate, Elaine works closely with clients through the build stages to ensure their apps are both beautiful and functional. She loves meeting clients face to face and hearing everyone share ideas on overcoming challenges and what best practices are.



Jack Tattersall
As an Account Manager for Guidebook EMEA, Jack works with clients to reach their goals and ensure their app deployments are successful. He’s our resident EDU expert and understands how students truly want to be engaged through a mobile strategy.



Stewart Price
As the manager of Guidebook’s existing business team, Stewart aims to ensure that clients achieve their mobile engagement goals. He has experience working with some of the largest companies in the world, on a diverse set of use cases which include: internal/external events, onboarding, L&D, and compliance.

Join Us

We have a number of Masterclasses coming up in both the UK and the US. If you’re interested in attending one of our future sessions in the UK click here (or the button below) to learn how to empower your organisation through a mobile strategy!

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