The Hottest Launches at Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the chosen platform for announcing the latest mobile technology of the year. Mobile giants such as Huawei and LG organise press conferences around the show to showcase the cutting edge of their tech offerings. Whilst many of the reveals are yet to be unveiled, there are a few anticipated announcements that everyone in the mobile industry can’t wait to see for their themselves.

As a mobile platform, the Guidebook team looks forward to seeing what’s next in mobile technology and where the industry is going. Here are a few highly anticipated launches that are sure to impact the industry:

The foldable phone is coming

The Huawei Mate X is set to be released on day 1 of the Barcelona show. It’ll offer a powerhouse of internal hardware spec combined with a great phone and light-computing experience. The phone will fold out from smartphone mode to become a touchscreen laptop. Whilst the Mate X will undoubtedly dominate the discussion at MWC, it’s not the only foldable phone on offer. The Samsung Galaxy X and Xiaomi’s folding phone will be in the spotlight as questions are raised about the whether developers will produce apps for such products or are these phones a passing gimmick?

Wearable smartphones

Nubia is set to release the world’s first wearable smartphone. The phone will come equipped with a camera and OED touchscreen display. It’ll also feature the world’s first LED strip light with 16 million colours. This is a watch that caters for gamers so it’ll come with space age cooling technology.

Energizer is getting into mobile

Technology brands have finally taken up consumer’s frustrations with poor battery life and are delivering phones that offer powerful hardware and a durable battery. Consumers battery demands have pathed way for a surprising entry into the mobile handset scene – Energizer. That’s right, the familiar household battery brand. They’re launching a phone at MWC that offers a whopping 18,000 mah battery life. That’s over 5 times the battery life of the latest iPhone XS Max. The phone will also be foldable and offer superior charging times to most handset competitors.

High-quality images with Sony

High-quality visual content dominates the internet. Consumers want to create outstanding high-res images in an instant and share these with their followers. Handsets that provide a quality camera that caters to this demand are generally pretty successful. Sony is delivering a phone that exceeds previous camera offerings and caters to the pocket photographer. The Xperia XZ4 features a camera that’s 52 megapixels and 3 rear cameras. It’ll be one of the first phones in the world to deliver over a 40-megapixel camera.

Vivo’s latest prototypes wow

Vivo produces beautifully minimalist, clean-cut handsets that often lead phone tech development into new areas. Their latest prototype the Apex 2019 is set to be shown off at MWC and this one will cut out many of the common ports found on phones. Say goodbye to USB ports, SIM trays, buttons, speakers and a front-facing camera.

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