How to Engage Employees Through Every Step with Mobile

Keeping a large organization in sync can be challenging. Though tough, engagement is key to ensuring high performing employees, as well as improving employee retention. In fact, without (or with bad) new-hire onboarding, companies lose 25% of their new employees within a year, according to Workforce Allied. In addition to employee retention, a strong employee engagement strategy plays a role in employee satisfaction and employee performance. If you’re looking to improve retention or are looking for innovative ways to engage your workforce, look towards mobile technology to bridge those gaps.

Why Mobile Engagement?

Mobile technology is key to engaging entire workforces. Engaging employees directly on their platform of choice helps to build a stronger connection to their organization; according to Adobe, there is a direct correlation between technology, employee engagement, and retention. 85% of employees who felt that their company’s technology was ahead of the rest said they loved their job. 70% of interviewed employees believed that technology helps improve work-life balance. Today, technology is a perk which improves employees’ lives.

Additionally, mobile technology offers more advantages to employee engagement. Compared to older systems, which cannot facilitate instant feedback, cannot measure levels of engagement, and cannot be used offsite; mobile goes above and beyond. Mobile programs can reach entire global workforces, collect data, and generate insights for HR teams. Apps are critical in empowering both on-site and off-site workers with tools and resources to remain engaged and have a voice.

Check out our employee engagement strategies to help keep your workforce connected every stage of their career journey – from onboarding through executive meetings.

Employee Onboarding

Being a newbie in a company can be a very stressful experience, but the more help a new employee gets, the better they will be at their job. Help them through their first days and weeks by offering a mobile onboarding program.

New employees will appreciate the accessibility of an onboarding app to help them get ramped up. Make it easy for your employees to access everything they need to get started, like training documents, rules and regulations, and to-do lists to complete.

Ongoing Learning and Development

While ongoing training or learning courses are important to employee development, HR teams often struggle with finding ways to make learning engaging.

Turn overwhelming amounts of information into a useful resource by putting it all into an L&D app. Create learning modules filled with documents, policy updates, and important company information to aid in ongoing learning. Break down the barriers to learning with an engaging app that makes learning fun.

Peer to Peer Engagement

Today’s workforce expects a highly engaged workplace where communicating with colleagues is easy and informal. We all have our phones with us at just about every minute of the day. Further, according to a study by Adobe, previously mentioned, 82% of employees say technology that helps them connect to colleagues more efficiently is important to their ideal workspace.

A mobile app encourages quick communication amongst employees and makes collaboration easy for all.

All Hands Meetings 

Get your entire team on the same page with an All Hands or Organization Meeting Guide. Employees appreciate clear communication, and there’s no better way to deliver meaningful content than on mobile.

Use an app to share a meeting’s agenda ahead of the meeting and house your slides for folks to reference later. These meetings are important to business, attention to detail improves participation.

Executive and Board Meetings

Executives expect a high level of attention to detail. Incorporating a mobile element adds a layer of organization to your next board meeting that elevates it to a new level. Create meeting agendas, share accommodations, attach documents, and more. Replace a stack of emails with a tool that your on-the-go executives will appreciate.

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